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    A plushy is a fluffy companion that’s always ready to cuddle—it’s a stuffed animal, doll, or otherworldly creature that’s been sent to Earth to warm your heart. Originally designed to be a pincushion, the first stuffed animal was sold in Germany in 1880 and took the shape of an elephant. In the early 19th century, the popularity of animal plushies quickly spread, and bears, bunnies, and kitty cats were widely produced. During the Great Depression, parents turned old socks into stuffed monkeys as an affordable toy for kids.

    But stuffed animals and plush toys aren’t just for children. Teens and adults can cozy up with a plush toy for a movie marathon, or expand their collection of vintage plushies. Weighted stuffed animals soothe as you snuggle, and range from light to heavyweight. Find a replica stuffy of the one you had as a child for a daily dose of nostalgia, or choose a new favorite to hold onto on slow Sunday mornings.

    After their invention, animal plushies quickly became a beloved gift for kids and continue to be just as popular today. From baby showers to birthdays, a stuffy is a present that can last for decades. Show your little one that you’ve been listening and get them their latest favorite animal as a stuffy, or cement your status as the fun aunt or uncle and pick up a giant stuffed animal for their room. Plushy keychains are a fun addition to their backpacks or keys while a crochet stuffy adds handmade charm.

    On Etsy, browse shops that sell one-of-a-kind stuffed animals to make your (or your kiddo’s) dreams come true. A custom stuffed animal can recreate a childhood favorite or replace your toddler’s lost companion. Get a cat stuffy or dog stuffy crafted to look just like your household pet so there’s no more fighting over where Fido sleeps. A personalized stuffy embroidered with their first name will have little ones smiling as they snuggle.