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  • Learn More About Vintage Clothing

    Clothing that’s more than 20 years old qualifies as vintage clothing, according to Etsy’s policy. This means clothing from the 80s and 90s is now considered vintage clothing. As these eras become stylish once again, you’ll find a variety of vintage clothing from Etsy sellers. Etsy sellers source one-of-a-kind vintage clothing items including everything from outerwear and accessories to denim, vintage T-shirts, shoes, and more. Vintage clothing is also popular as a way to shop your values because choosing vintage clothing over new clothing is recognized as a more sustainable choice.

    Mixing and matching vintage pieces with your everyday wardrobe is a great way to highlight your finds. Many Etsy sellers also offer styling tips in their listing details, suggesting what a piece may pair well with. A vintage T-shirt can be styled casually when paired with joggers, for instance, or it can be dressed up by adding a sleek blazer and statement accessories. From boho headbands to timeless leather accessories and vintage shoes, you can put together a full outfit of vintage clothing from Etsy sellers. When you’re mixing pieces from different eras, like vintage 80s clothing and 90s vintage finds, consider which pieces you’d like to stand out. Style the rest of your outfit a bit more subtly and these special vintage pieces will really shine.

    Because vintage and vintage-inspired clothing comes from so many different eras, there’s always a trend in style. Vintage T-shirts are a popular trend for 80s and 90s vintage clothing enthusiasts, and band T-shirts never seem to go out of style. Everyday wardrobe basics like classic denim and tried and true leather pieces are popular picks, too, because they can blend seamlessly with clothing from any era. And choosing vintage clothing makes an impact. Purchasing a previously loved item like vintage clothing helps promote a more sustainable lifestyle, and that’s something that’s always in style.