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How to style vintage jewelry

There are so many styles of vintage jewelry, it’s easy to find a piece to complete any outfit you may be styling for the day. Vintage jewelry styles are popular because they’re often well-crafted to withstand a lifetime or more as they make their way to you. Giving new life to a vintage piece is a sustainable choice instead of purchasing something new. The classic styles of vintage jewelry make these pieces easy to wear everyday and incorporate with your everyday look. Because of this, many couples choose vintage wedding rings even if they don’t own any other vintage items. Modern jewelry trends often reflect elements of vintage jewelry so it’s easy to style your new vintage piece alongside your other jewelry for a look that expresses your personal style.

What types of vintage jewelry can you find on Etsy?

Etsy sellers curate beautiful collections of vintage jewelry in many different styles. From vintage wedding jewelry to pieces featuring precious stones like pearls and diamonds, you’ll find many different styles of vintage jewelry that are just waiting to be worn again. Vintage bridal jewelry is popular with couples searching for a truly unique engagement or wedding ring. The vintage gold jewelry and vintage silver jewelry on Etsy is a great choice for your first vintage piece because these classic designs are easy to style. Etsy sellers say sourcing vintage jewelry for their shops is a bit like treasure hunting and you’ll love seeing which heirloom treasures you can find on Etsy.