Wedding Hats

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    Wedding hats can be worn by anyone. For traditional events, the mother-of-the-bride often wears a hat. Wedding guests of all ages are welcome to wear hats, too. Though it's customary to remove men's hats during the wedding ceremony, ladies are permitted to keep theirs on. Last, but certainly not least, modern brides with a confident sense of style look stunning in a wedding hat instead of a traditional veil as they walk down the aisle on their big day.

    Whether attending a wedding or celebrating your own nuptials, hats create distinctive looks sure to be remembered. Find the wedding hat of your dreams from the shops on Etsy.

    There are many types of hats suited for weddings. Bridal hats and fascinators often include veils, floral appliqués, or decorative elements that suit the celebratory fanfare of the occasion. Some of the most popular wedding hats include:

    • Bridal hats: Bridal hats are a unique way to enhance your style on your wedding day. Typically, wedding hats for the bride feature eye-catching embellishments. Wear a vintage wedding hat or a wedding hat with a veil to complete a retro bridal look.
    • Mother-of-the-bride hats: Mother-of-the-bride hats come in many shapes and styles and usually include details like feathers, tulle bows, or intricate beading. Wearing a hat as the mother of the bride is a time-honored tradition.
    • Wedding hats for guests: Men's wedding hats are a handsome accessory for outdoor events or wedding portraits. Women’s hats for weddings add a touch of class and elegance to an outfit.
    • Wedding party hats: Adding accessories to your wedding party’s outfits makes for a cohesive look and fantastic pictures. Consider having your bridal party wear different but similarly colored dresses with matching custom wedding hats to pull the look together.
    • Western: Cowboy hats are appropriate at weddings if they match the day’s theme or setting. For example, an outdoor country wedding is the perfect setting for a wedding cowboy hat.

    Whether you’re the mother of the bride, part of the wedding party, or one of the guests, there are some basic etiquette guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a hat for the big day.

    • Dress code: Consider the overall feel of the event when picking your formal hat. Check the wedding invitation for guidance on a dress code. The venue or theme may also provide clues for the overall style. For your big day, share your preferences on attire or accessories with guests as soon as possible.
    • Size and style: Remember who the day is centered on and pick your hat accordingly. A large, feathery derby hat might be best to save for another event. A subtle cloche or cocktail hat allows your individual style to shine without pulling focus away from the happy couple.
    • Venue: Think about the wedding location. For a casual outdoor wedding, consider a light tea party hat. A formal ballroom is a great place to top off your outfit with a pillbox hat or an expressive top hat.