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    When it comes to choosing a bridesmaid dress, keep these etiquette rules in mind.

    • Provide some direction: Traditionally, the bride chooses the bridesmaid dress style or a set of colors and styles she’d like her attendants to select from, and each bridesmaid pays for their own gown.
    • Time it right: It’s important to start shopping well ahead of the wedding date so that bridesmaids have time to alter their gowns if needed (and it usually is!).
    • Provide options: It’s thoughtful to select a color (or a few complementary colors) and preferred length, and then let your bridesmaids choose their own dress style they feel most comfortable in.

    Some brides opt to outfit their bridesmaids in one dress style, but many modern brides choose a color palette and then allow each bridesmaid to select their own dress style. This ensures that each bridesmaid has a gown she feels fabulous in. As you plan your bridesmaid dresses, you’ll need to choose:

    • Colors: Bridesmaid dresses are available in any color you envision for your big day, from blush and mauve to jewel tones like blue, purple, and green.
    • Options: Decide if you’d like your bridesmaids in the same dress, or in different dresses that all follow a certain theme.
    • Hemline: Floor-length, short, low-high, tea length…pick a length that matches the overall aesthetic of your event (and the weather!). For example, choose a long bridesmaid dress for a formal wedding.
    • Neckline: If you have a preference for a certain neckline—sweetheart, strapless, one-shoulder, sleeveless, long-sleeve—share that before your bridesmaids start shopping.
    • Where to shop: Choosing a small shop on Etsy to design your perfect bridesmaid dresses means everyone can order from the convenience of their own home and have their dress sent right to them.

    Bridesmaid dresses can be made in many different fabrics, from linen and cotton to silk, satin, and tulle. Depending on where you’re holding your wedding, the season, and the time of day, you may want to pick a cooler or warmer fabric.

    • Weather: If there’s a chance of a rainy wedding day, avoid styles like satin gowns that can easily show water marks.
    • Temperature: For outdoor weddings, look for breathable, flowy fabrics like linen and shorter hemlines.
    • Overall aesthetic: A silk bridesmaid dress is a beautiful fabric choice for formal weddings, beaded gowns are glamorous for evening affairs, and velvet is a luxe look especially for winter weddings.
    • Season: Embrace your seasonal celebration and pick rich colors and fabrics for fall weddings or lightweight, flowy fabrics like gauze and tulle for spring weddings.

    As you shop for a unique bridesmaid dress, turn to the creative dressmakers on Etsy for extra-special designs made just for your bridal party.

    • Size options: Find bridesmaid dresses in a range of inclusive sizes including plus-sizes. Many designs can be tailor-made to your bridesmaid’s exact measurements, too, for a couture-like fit.
    • Vintage bridesmaid dresses: For a one-of-a-kind bridesmaid look, shop vintage dresses from sellers on Etsy, and dress each bridesmaid in a unique design.
    • Customization: Sellers on Etsy can customize your bridesmaid dresses to perfectly match your vision for your big day. Whether that’s creating a one-shoulder design, adding or removing a bow, or shortening a hemline, these custom bridesmaid dresses are one-of-a-kind and especially for you.
    • Colors: Find unique dresses in every hue of the rainbow, or work with an Etsy seller to create a custom pattern or dye color just for you.