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    There are certain wedding accessories that exist in order to make your wedding day run as smooth as silk and wedding baskets and boxes are included in that list. Wedding baskets and boxes are great holders for guests to place their cards in when they arrive at the venue. A wedding card box is typically placed on an accessible table by an entrance and clearly marked so guests know where their thoughtful cards will go. A handy money box or basket keeps your newlywed gift money in one handsome and organized place.

    With poise and practicality, a wedding basket or box is delightfully attractive as well as useful and they fit wonderfully on a welcome table beside your other decor. For a look of nostalgic romance and rustic elegance, discover plenty of vintage card baskets and boxes from shops on Etsy. Or, work with a designer on Etsy to customize a handmade box with an engraving of the special date, an illustration, the names of the lovebirds, or all of the above. Your personalized card box can be cherished long after the big day as a wedding keepsake.

    Your embellished card box will likely be accompanied by other dignified accessories at the welcome table. For instance, your wedding guests can scribble their congratulations in a personalized guestbook as they giggle at your first date portraits placed in elegant frames that spread across the table. To make things simple and sweet, custom table signs are handy for tastefully labeling and informing your guests about important tidbits they should know before they reach their table. From handwoven baskets to handmade candles, find all sorts of exquisite decor for an eye-catching welcome table.

    The bride may be the star of the show but the flower girl has her five minutes of fame as she tosses petals down the aisle, breaking hearts in her adorable dress. Enhance the cuteness with a flower girl basket that looks almost as sweet as her smile. You’ll find these delicate little baskets are often made from wicker, metal wire, or fabric like lace or satin. It’s a special kind of basket fit for tiny hands embellished with plump bows, ribbons, lace, and florals. Complete the flower girl ensemble with a basket made for crowd-pleasing petal tossing.