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    Walking proudly down the aisle, the ring bearer holds the pillow on which the wedding bands rest and presents the rings to the officiant. The ring bearer pillow tradition goes back to medieval times, when a boy carried an opulent pillow to which silky ribbons secured the wedding bands.

    As with every other detail of the ceremony, your ring bearer pillow should fit with your chosen aesthetic. Ring pillows come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors, making it easy to find the right one for your wedding celebration.

    If your wedding has a rustic theme, consider a burlap or linen ring pillow to coordinate with the decor. A classic satin or silk pillow—ornamented with lace, flowers, and beading—suits a more traditional affair. A rich velvet ring bearer pillow comes in just about any color and exudes a regal look.

    Modern times have changed the ways we say “I do.” As weddings become less conventional and more diverse, so too do rituals surrounding wedding rings.

    Some couples include their best pet friends in their ceremonies. It's not uncommon to see a canine toting the rings to the spouses-to-be with a ring bearer pillow for dogs secured to their collar.

    Other couples receive their rings tied to a book they both find meaningful. Still others have a beloved mutual friend pass the rings in an ornamental box. On Etsy, you’ll find numerous ring bearer pillow alternatives to help make your ceremony unique and memorable.