Wedding Cake Servers & Knives

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    Learn More About Wedding Cake Servers & Knives

    Wedding cake servers and knives are special utensils that play an essential role in the wedding cake cutting ceremony. The cake knife is typically a long, serrated blade used to cut through layers of wedding cake. The cake server is a flat, triangular utensil, typically featuring a slightly curved edge, that is used to transfer slices of cake onto plates.

    Not only are they functional in cutting and serving slices of cake, but they are also decorative keepsakes, adding a special touch to wedding table decor and serving as a special heirloom piece.

    Whether you’re shopping for a cake server and knife for your own wedding reception or buying a set as a gift for the happy couple, here are a few things to consider.

    Materials: The most common materials of wedding cake knives and servers are stainless steel and silver. Stainless steel cake knives and servers are durable and corrosion-resistant. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors. Silver cake servers and knives are luxurious and traditional. Crystal or porcelain handles add elegance and sophistication. For a rustic wedding, consider the natural look of a hand carved wood handle.

    Style: A couple that enjoys eclectic decor will likely appreciate decorative elements for their cake server and knife. Those who value a minimalist aesthetic might love a sleek, timeless design. You can also choose between decorative embellishments like beautiful bows or bells in gold, silver, or rose gold finishes. Look for knives and servers designed with starfish, seashell, and palm tree details, ideal for beachy destination weddings. If you love a classic style, shops on Etsy sell beautiful, vintage wedding servers and knives.

    Personalization: To make your set truly unique, consider having your wedding cake knives and servers personalized. An engraving forever links your cake servers and knives to your big day, ensuring they’re a beautiful and sentimental memento for decades to come. If you’re giving the set as a gift, you can keep your engraving simple with the couple’s names and the wedding date or add a personal message or single word like “love” or “forever.”