Wedding Serving & Dining

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    The table setting for your wedding should inform each guest of their seat at the table, tell them about the meal they’re going to be served, and supply all of the utensils required to enjoy it. Table decorations can be as minimal or intricate as you desire, and a wedding favor placed at each seat is an added delight. Here are a few other things to consider when mapping out the dining and service of your dream day:

    Your head table will feature either you and your partner or include the entire wedding party. Create a one-of-a-kind table setting with personalized wedding napkins and custom cutlery that boast your new titles. Label the seats of your wedding party with custom seating cards and their drinkware with custom wine glass tags.

    For you two, matching wedding champagne glasses will make each toast symbolic of your love. Add a head table sign and head table backdrop for a picture-perfect scene that you’ll treasure forever.

    How sweet it is to eat cake with you! Cutting the wedding cake is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Originally a savory pie in the 16th century, the wedding cake became a matrimonial mainstay around the 17th century. It was considered a luxury item, and the height of the cake was directly proportional to one's social standing.

    Today, cutting the cake is an ideal photo opportunity, ending with cake on faces and wide smiles. Hand over hand, slicing the cake together—it’s a beautiful moment that represents the support you’ve pledged to one another. Commemorate the occasion with a souvenir you can keep for life–a wedding cake server and knife set that you can bring out each year on your anniversary to celebrate your special day.