Wedding Guest Books

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    Wedding guest books are a sentimental keepsake that guests sign when they attend your wedding. Traditional wedding guest books include pages where each guest adds their signature as a reminder of who attended your wedding. Etsy sellers create many trendy twists on guest books so you can give yours a personal touch. You can customize a welcome message to your guests and include spaces for them to share their best marriage advice or other words of wisdom. As you shop for a wedding guest book, keep in mind how many guests you’re expecting at your celebration. Etsy sellers offer personalization options that include the overall size and number of pages in the guest book so everyone has a space to sign. Make your wedding guest book even more meaningful by adding your new couple name, wedding date, a monogram, or special phrase to the cover of the book.

    You’ll find a wide range of handcrafted wedding guest books on Etsy. Many of these wedding guest books can be customized by Etsy sellers. If you’re looking for an elegant wedding guest book, you’ll find traditionally bound, hardcover options that can be personalized with different colors and design accents including your monogram and wedding date. For something truly unique, wedding guest books made from materials like wood, acrylic, and engraved metal are modern takes on this time-honored tradition. With so many styles to choose from and personalization options from Etsy sellers, you’ll find a wedding guest book that fits perfectly with your vision for your special day and becomes a treasured memento long after you exchange vows.