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    Wedding templates provide clarity and direction for all of the day’s activities, and they’re a DIY option that you and your partner can complete together. From planning the guest list to organizing the seating chart, wedding templates can assist you at every step along the way. Wedding templates come pre-designed so you can choose an option that fits your style and theme. Simply enter your information for an easy, beautiful guide to all aspects of your big day.

    There are several types of wedding templates to help you organize your nuptials from start to finish. Whether you want to create a gorgeous menu or track your costs, there’s a wedding template that will help you get there. Here are some of the most popular types of wedding templates:

    • Wedding invite template: Wedding invitations provide crucial information to your invitees and are the first impression you’ll set for your wedding. Shops on Etsy have plenty of templates to ensure you start your wedding off on the right foot.
    • Wedding program template: A wedding program is a terrific way to greet your guests and give them an idea of what to expect for the evening. Wedding programs also make great mementos for guests to take home. Use a wedding timeline template or wedding itinerary template to create frame-worthy wedding programs.
    • Wedding seating chart template: A seating chart directs guests to their tables, tells them who they're sitting with, and helps your guests feel seen and accommodated.
    • Wedding vows template: Wedding vows are an opportunity to share from your heart as you’re joined as one. A wedding vow template helps you create, organize, print, and immortalize your vows. For help with the writing, sellers on Etsy also offer wedding vow guides.
    • Wedding guest list template: Finalizing your wedding guest list can be one of the hardest parts of planning your ceremony. Use a wedding guest list template to narrow down your list while making sure you don’t forget anyone.
    • Wedding budget template: Keep track of your projected and actual expenses with a wedding budget template. Your wedding is worth the cost, but you don't need to go over your budget if you plan and track wisely.
    • Wedding thank-you card template: A thank-you card shows your appreciation to those who shared in your wedding. Thank-you card templates will help you show your gratitude while creating a beautiful memento of your wedding.
    • Wedding menu template: A wedding menu adds a whole new level of class to your proceedings. Find a wedding menu template from the creators on Etsy to help you present the dishes of the evening.