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There are a few things to consider when selecting your wedding earrings. You'll want to consider the neckline of your dress, the hairstyle you'll be wearing, and the overall tone of your outfit, as well as your partner's.

If your dress has a high collar, you might opt for climbing or cuff-style earrings that draw the eye up and away from your neck. A strapless gown gives you a blank canvas for your bridal jewelry. You can fill the space with a pair of chandelier-style earrings or bold hoops and a simple necklace. Big, bright statement bridal earrings can set off a natural look. Drop-style earrings work beautifully with a soft chignon or updo to accentuate the neck and jawline.

Think about the silhouette of your dress. Minimalist pearl drop earrings pair perfectly with a sleek column dress, while delicate floral hoops match a tea-length gown for a garden wedding. Another approach is to create a contrast between your dress style and your earring style. You could pair an ornate beaded ball gown with simple pearl bridal earrings.

Simple, classic designs in silver and gold are always an appropriate choice for wedding jewelry. Starting with these designs as a base, you can build from there and incorporate a few fun accents like gemstones and pearls.