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    A traditional piece of Irish jewelry, the Claddagh ring is typically made of gold, silver, or pewter. The ring always features two hands holding a heart, with a crown resting above the heart. The ring's top piece never varies by ring, but it doesn't have to be made from any specific material. The band itself may contain any number of designs—simple or elaborate.

    Claddagh rings symbolize friendship, love, betrothal, or marriage. The intended meaning of the Claddagh ring depends entirely on how you wear it. Though there are specialized men's and women's rings, the Claddagh itself isn't geared toward one gender or another.

    The Claddagh is a variation of the ancient Greek and Roman fede ring, which featured two clasped hands to symbolize friendship or betrothal. During the 300-plus-year Roman occupation of the British Isles, the Celtic people of Ireland adopted the fede's design, adding a heart and a crown to the ring and calling it the Claddagh. The word means "rocky shore”--metaphorically pointing to the stonelike steadfastness of love against the crashing waves of life and circumstance.

    This style of ring has survived the ages and continues to hold the meaning it had more than 15 centuries ago.

    The Claddagh is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry. You might present someone with a Claddagh ring for a good number of reasons, and the way it’s worn indicates its significance.

    • Friendship: Sometimes, you want to show a friend how special they are, and nothing conveys this better than a Claddagh. Worn as a friendship ring, the heart of the ring should point outward. This can also indicate you're single, which others might interpret as being available for courtship.
    • Engagement: When your love presents you with a Claddagh as an engagement ring, consider the love that this classic symbol expresses. If you say "yes,” place the ring on your left hand to symbolize commitment; point the heart outward, which shows you're not yet married.
    • Marriage: It's very common to use a Claddagh as a wedding ring. Its enduring symbolism endears the heart and acts as a reminder of the love you share with your spouse. To symbolize marriage, wear it on your left hand, with the heart pointing toward you.