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    There are lots of styles of wedding bands and finding the right one for you depends on your style, if you’re wearing it with an engagement ring or other rings, and if you’d like to wear it solo. If you’ll be wearing your wedding band with another ring like an engagement ring, matching the materials of the rings will make them feel like a set. Diamond wedding bands are a popular choice that can be worn with other rings or on their own. You can also mix and match several different wedding bands if you’d like to create a modern, layered look. Gold wedding bands are a traditional choice but many couples choose unique materials for their wedding bands like silicone or rubber. These options are a great choice when traveling or working out so you don’t damage your wedding ring.

    You’ll find many different styles of wedding bands for men and women on Etsy including lots of designs that can be customized just for you. Couples in search of unique men’s wedding bands often turn to Etsy for interesting styles like black wedding bands or platinum wedding bands. Etsy sellers can design custom wedding bands to match your engagement ring or other jewelry. You can pick the style and materials for the wedding ring and then add special details like engraved messages. You can purchase your wedding bands as a couples set or select different styles for each of you. If you’re shopping for different designs, Etsy sellers can add matching details to make the two rings feel like a matching set.