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    Wedding ring sets traditionally include two rings: the engagement ring and the wedding band. Wedding rings date back centuries and have served as symbols of love and devotion for just as long. Ancient Egyptians used rings to symbolize eternity since circles have no beginning or end. As time progressed, rings became more customized—new stones, engraved motifs, and metals were used to represent each unique relationship.

    Over the years, the terms "wedding ring" and "wedding band" have come to mean much the same and are often used interchangeably.

    Wedding bands can be plain or lightly bejeweled to pair with your engagement ring. Couples exchange these rings during their wedding ceremony. If you’ve selected an extravagant engagement piece, you may opt for a minimalist wedding band or vice versa. Many sellers on Etsy offer engagement rings and wedding bands individually or as bridal sets.

    Engagement and wedding rings come in a variety of styles, but when you’re shopping for your special occasion, look for one that will represent your love story.

    Popular ring styles for women include classic and black diamonds, dazzling gemstones, vintage and art deco designs, and contoured stackable rings. Classic metal or bands made of natural materials, such as wood, are excellent choices for men. While minimalist metal, hammered, or matte bands are an elegant choice for couples that prefer to showcase their union with identical rings.

    Wedding rings can vary greatly in price. Jewelers often refer to the “three month’s salary” rule when recommending a budget. Price will depend on the unique qualities you desire—from stone type and size to the material your rings are made of. The seller community on Etsy offers an array of styles and pricing to reflect the commitment and connection you've built together.

    When it comes to selecting your perfect wedding rings, there are many details to consider so you can find just the right fit (literally).

    First, you must consider the stone quality in terms of cut, clarity, and hardness. Cut refers to the shape of the stone(s). If you’re pairing a wedding ring with an engagement ring, choose a wedding band with stones of the same shape or a shape that will enhance the engagement ring's beauty.

    Clarity, which is how clear a stone is of impurities, follows the same principle as cut. If an engagement ring is crystal clear, pairing it with similarly polished stones can help it shine even brighter. Hardness is just that: how hard or soft a stone is. Diamonds are the toughest, while other precious stones vary in hardness. Be sure to choose one that's right for your lifestyle so it will last a lifetime!

    The grade of the metal is another important consideration. Gold is the traditional choice for wedding ring sets and can be found in white, yellow, and rose gold. These rings use a combination of gold and other metals to produce the desired color. The closest to "pure gold" you'll find is 24 karat, which is also the strongest.

    Platinum and palladium are popular choices due to their hardness and luminous sheen that never fades. Both are tarnish-resistant and can be hypoallergenic. 925 sterling silver has been used in jewelry for centuries, but is easier to scratch than harder precious metals and may tarnish over time. But some couples love the lived-in patina that develops!