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This will help you better plan the build of your ecological tire "Earthship-style" house. Learn how to comply with the Quebec Code of Construction, as well as septic and municipal requirements.

Learn how to start your project and focus on the best way to save time and money.

This document will inform you of some technologies such as aquaponics, photovoltaic systems, alternative heating systems and adaptation for the Quebec climate!

A treasure of information to help you better plan your project.


I'm putting this 216 pages updated document online to help you start planning your project of an Earthship-style dwelling.

This document cannot replace the advice of professionnals on your project. It is a document that will facilitate the planning of your dream house made of tires.

Keep in mind that the contribution you pay for this document will help us proceed with our build in Quebec. We have done this because we think taht sustainable living is the right thing to do and we want to inform you of all our process of planning.

We have our construction permit and will begin in the 2014 summer.

All we really want is to push forward the Earthships and Earthship-Style houses in Quebec.

Please share the good news with your friends!

Together, we can be the change!

*These files are given for personal use only.

Any other commercial use of this document sections, photos, plans, graphs and tables, google sketchup images and energy conservation modelling results are subject to copyright and will be the object of prosecution unless you have a written approval from the editor.

Earthship-Style House Planning Guide

25,00 CA$

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