Autocollants muraux pour votre créativité ;)

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Autocollants muraux pour votre créativité ;)

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Audrey Marcotte


Audrey Marcotte

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Audrey Marcotte

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Merci à Penny d'avoir pris le temps de m'envoyer cette photo de sa chambre de bébé! Elle y a associé le menthe, le blanc, le noir et le doré, avec les pois comme motif principal. Tout simplement splendide!
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During my pregnancy, I created many items for my baby boy's room. I thought: "Maybe other people would like it too?". "The Cutie Prints" was born.

Graphic designer since 2006, I particularly appreciate modern art and nice living spaces. I've been working many years for museums, creating graphic concepts and immersive visuals. Today, I own a Web company and my Etsy shop is my other way to merge my creative side and my interests.

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Foire aux questions

Do you have other colors available?

Sure! Just ask me and we'll check it out. It may need some more time before your order is ready though.

Do your geometric decals have transfer tape?

No, it really is peel and stick. It is more easy to apply and you can do any design you think about!

Can I do any design with your geometric decals?

Yes! Since it is peel and stick, you can do anything you want with the decals.

I have an idea for a decal, can you do it?

Maybe! Just ask me. The price may be higher if it needs a lot of vinyl though.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes I do! If you would like to sell one of my items in your shop, just contact me so we can talk about the details and what you need.