Etsy Maker Cities

We're investing in local communities committed to creative entrepreneurs.

We believe inclusive creative communities build stronger local economies.

We believe in the power of creative entrepreneurship to provide meaningful opportunities for traditionally marginalised groups, and in so doing, build stronger local economies. We also believe the greatest potential to build inclusive economies originates from collaborative community efforts.

That’s why Etsy’s Maker Cities grant programme supports local creative communities by investing in innovative projects aimed at better helping marginalised groups to participate in the creative economy.

Grant Details

Etsy is offering two types of grants -- a research grant and a programme grant.

The research grant is a one-year grant for local creative communities who want to better understand the challenges marginalised populations in their communities face to starting and running a creative business, and identify opportunities for overcoming those barriers. Etsy will award selected grant recipients up to $30,000 USD, or the equivalent in their local currency. .

The programme grant is a two-year grant for local creative communities who are at a stage where they have identified a need and potential solution to help marginalised populations thrive as creative entrepreneurs and are ready to take action. Etsy will award selected grant recipients up to $60,000 USD, or the equivalent in their local currency, over a two-year period.

Grant proposals should include a collaborative implementation plan between all the stakeholders listed on the application--local government officials, Etsy sellers, and a non-profit with a local presence or locally accredited educational institution. Completed applications should be submitted by the non-profit or accredited educational institution along with an endorsement letter from a local government official outlining how they plan to support this work and how one or more Etsy sellers will be involved. Etsy is accepting 2017 Maker Cities grant applications until 26th May 2017.

If you would prefer to download the application in a language other than English, please click on the appropriate links. (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish). For UK English, click here.

Grant FAQ’s

Why does the application require the support of multiple stakeholders?
We believe the best solutions are achieved through collaboration. The expertise areas of each stakeholder will be valuable from ideation to implementation. Additionally, we see this as a unique way to connect local government officials and non-profits to the local creative community.

I really want to apply but I don’t have connections to one or more of the stakeholders needed for this application. What should I do?
If possible, Etsy will try to help facilitate introductions. Please email with your requests.

Will an application be reviewed if it does not have support in all three areas?
Yes. We will give consideration to applications lacking only one stakeholder and may try to help facilitate introductions if possible. Priority will be given to applications with all three.

How will you evaluate applications?
In addition to looking for collaborative proposals, applications will be evaluated by their ability to articulate a well-defined problem or challenge that addresses a specific need in their community relevant to the mission of Maker Cities, clear outcomes and ways to measure effectiveness, and a thorough budget and timeline for execution.

Who will the grant money go through?
Funds will be disbursed through the local non-profit or accredited education institution.

What if an application requests more than the stated grant award amount?
Applications requesting money beyond the stated award amounts will be considered on a case by case basis, although priority will be given to applications requesting money at or below the stated amounts.

Do proposals have to relate to or only Etsy sellers?
No. This programme is meant to support the broader creative economy.

Is this opportunity limited to particular cities or countries?
No, unless otherwise prohibited by law. This is a global opportunity for cities of all sizes. However, the application has only been translated into the languages of Etsy’s core markets.

What’s going to happen to the cities that were selected last year?
The Action Teams from last year that have completed or will complete their plans will maintain their recognition as an official Etsy Maker City. These groups are welcome to apply for a grant under the new iteration of the programme.

When will applicants know if they’ve been selected as a Maker City?
All applicants will be notified of their status by June 2017.

History of Maker Cities

Maker Cities launched as a pilot program in 2016 by bringing together Etsy sellers and local city officials at a summit at Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Representatives from 13 cities were present at the summit. These representatives created action plans of ways they could work together in support of building local creative economies. We learned from this experience there is a lot of enthusiasm and effort for this work. We also learned that by shifting our model, Etsy and partner cities will be better equipped to support the development and advancement of local creative economies by maximising our collective resources.

2016 Maker Cities
We are thrilled to recognise the following Etsy Maker Cities from the 2016 summit that have completed their action plans.

For additional questions, who should I contact?

For additional questions regarding Etsy Maker Cities, please reach out to For relevant press inquiries, please contact