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Hi, my name is Alejandro

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Treasures from the Ark is a home-based business, located in Stittsville, a small community in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario. Is a beautiful place full of green scenery where you can see the Gattineau Hills on the Quebec side. The business was conceived after three years of turning as a hobby. During that time I was only giving my creations to friends and family, and after a lot of good feedback and encouragement, the business was legally created in December 2011. My specialty are Pens turned in exotic woods and resins, I do Bowls, boxes and some other turned pieces as well.
For me, turning is a passion, just getting a perfect and smooth shape from an irregular piece of wood is like a treasure, that's why I named my business Treasures from the Ark, and why the Ark?, is how my family named my woodshed, but that's another story.

I believe that every piece of wood hides a treasure inside, and I’m glad to show them to the public. How did I become a turner? It was a long process that started when I learned woodworking in high school, which I enjoyed very much. After several years, when my kids grew up and I was able to go back to woodworking as a hobby, I started to look for alternatives within the craft and it led me to woodturning. I started turning four years ago and it became a passion.

For me, woodturning is a very relaxing process, where my imagination flows while doing the work. This allows me to enjoy it and at the same time produce something that will hopefully be appreciated by others.

Originally, I started turning decorative bowls, platters, boxes, and some abstracts, which were inspired by John Springett, a well-known British mathematician and woodturner. It wasn’t until I discovered pen turning that I found a new world full of possibilities and techniques. Taking baby steps, I started to make wooden pens using exotic woods and gave them away to my family and friends. When I started to see the possibility of a small business from this hobby, I became familiar with alternative materials, like resin castings, deer antler or a combination of these and exotic woods. With more expensive pen kits I could obtain beautiful writing instruments worthy to be in any collector’s hands.

Nowadays I still experiment and create my own blanks by laminating exotic woods or casting resin blanks, and is still a never ending learning curve. What started as a hobby became a real passion for me, and I am excited to share my art with the world and keep creating.

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