Apocalypse Fabrication

Our plasma torch at work.

Built how you want it. Built to survive.

Jason and I (Katie) have always had a desire to make.

I and my (too) many hobbies/crafts have kept me busy during my sparse but enjoyable free time through life. Jason has been making from metal since he was big enough to handle the weight of his designs. His friends and family have always said that what he makes, '...could survive the apocalypse." So here we are.

Jason and I are lucky enough to live on three acres near Yosemite National Park. Every year we watch the tourism seasons ebb and flow, much like the mountain rivers. Being a geologist by trade, I enjoy our location immensely.

We make in our spare time. This is mainly the few hours of the evening after we get home from our 'day jobs'', make and eat dinner, clean up, get our amazing daughter (Brynne) washed up and in bed. All the while caring for our newest member (as of July 2013), Jack.

Jason and I both work on the creative process. I enjoy drawing up my ideas and other people's dreams. Jason thinks of new things and concepts for us to try. We both work on the technical side of the CnC machine together, which I am SO happy we are able to do.

We welcome people to give us their ideas or ask us if we can help them create something spectacular. We love to create, especially for others.
Jason Lister
owner, maker, designer, Welder
Jason has always been told that his work would survive the apocalypse; hence the shop name.
Katie Lister
owner, maker, designer

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