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The Eye Wear Shield Co. is an innovative design company of plastic face shields and accessories for those who wear eyeglasses, sunglasses, or protective eye wear.

These days, protection is one of those key topics that everyone is talking about. One of the main problems that a lot of people have with conventional face masks is that they will fog up your glasses. Socially, it may be mildly annoying, but on the job, it’s the difference between being able to work productively, and not. The solution to prioritizing safety without compromising your view? These lightweight eye wear shields and their surprisingly simple design that makes it all possible.

No clips, loops or bands

These eye shields will simply slip over the frame of your glasses and stay firmly in place all day long. There are no chafing ear loops, no need for frustrating clips, or even headbands. Using pre-made perforations to slide through your glasses, these are as simple to wear as sliding them on, and then go.

Great in commercial environments

These shields are deliberately versatile and perfect for use with any shape, size and style of glasses. For those hard-working professionals in high contact environments, these face shields also offer better comfort and protection than the disposable of fabric masks. When it comes to those work environments where you must wear protection at all times with multiple people, having the option of both better and more comfortable protection is paramount.

Easier wear long-term

Bowing out around the face, they won’t limit your ability to talk clearly and can also take away that feeling of suffocation that cloth masks will create in those warmer, humid environments. They’re transparent and don’t interrupt the line of sight to your customers, but still make sure that everyone stays protected and safe. The more comfortable your protection is, the more likely you are to wear it!

Designed specifically for glasses

Then there’s the point that these shields are designed solely for those people with glasses. Sine glasses-wearers are so often left to deal with quick fix solutions for other kinds of face protection, it’s nice to see that these are designed solely with glasses in mind.

Why the right options matter

There are quite a few options out there that will offer trustworthy protection from those around you. But why does all of that matter so much? There are a lot of reasons, actually.

• Customized protection means better protection: When your protection is tailored to fit your glasses and offer you better breathing space as well as a clear, unobstructed view when you are at work as well as out and about, the protection it offers is simply better for everyday use.

• The easier it is to wear, the more you’ll wear it: When you are no longer dealing with a feeling of suffocation and foggy glasses, you’ll find keeping this protection in place is going to be simple and comfortable. This all means you are much more likely to wear it in the first place, promoting better safety all around.

The world is now a place where we have to go that extra step above and beyond to make sure that we protect ourselves as well as those around us that need and deserve it. While you can get by and function with other methods of protection, why not go, instead, for protection tailored to your needs yet still versatile to fit in place over and over again, day after day? These eye wear shields will give you a clear, fog-free protection that also is going to feel a lot more natural and comfortable to wear day in and day out. Since this is our new reality, we may as well enjoy the best products to accommodate it!

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