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LED Candles - Wellness Gifts - Self Care Prompt Cards

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Selfcare Prompt Cards - Household Chores Prompt Cards


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The Sage Haven Story

Growing up I never questioned the fact that both of my parents worked from home, I took it for granted, it’s just the way things were and I didn’t know any different. Living in a very rural area, I also took for granted our slow and simple lifestyle. Our food was nourishing and home-cooked, the fields and beaches were my playgrounds, and if I wasn’t playing outside I was reading a book or colouring a picture (we didn’t even have a TV!!).

It wasn’t until I finished school and headed off into the World that I realised how different life could be. And I loved it! I loved city life; the constant hum, the fast-paced job, the nights out. But after having my first daughter when I was 23, my priorities changed. We moved out of the city and I continued working part-time, with my parents helping out for childminding. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Seven years later, and daughter number 2 arrived. I was still working part-time but starting to feel like I was missing something. I had no passion for my job, I didn’t look forward to going to work, and with my parents getting older, childcare was becoming more of an issue. So I decided, with the support and reassurance of my partner and family, that I should start my own business and work from home.

It took another 2 years before I found something I enjoyed doing, and in the meantime, I was volunteering at a charity shop for our local dog rescue. Every day we would get carloads of brand new, unworn clothing, discarded toys in perfect condition, unwanted gifts still in original packaging. It really made me stop and think about how wasteful and consumer-driven our society has become. With this in mind, the idea was born to hand-craft decorative and reusable LED candles. With 2 busy kids, 2 cats, and 2 dogs, we just couldn’t risk having candles lit in our home, but I missed the soft, flickering glow of candlelight!!
Being able to work from home suits me perfectly, I’m a total introvert, and running my own business means I can do things my own way (I’ve never been very good at following orders!). Spending so much time on my own, and being an over-thinker by nature, I began to think more deeply about my dreams and plans for the future, and the kind of role model I wanted to be for my kids. Following on from experiences in the charity shop, I felt the urge to reassess our lifestyle and my personal goals. I found myself drawn to the idea of a more sustainable, intentional way of life. Switching over to organic foods where possible, choosing ‘done well’ over ‘done fast’, finding ways to re-purpose rather than re-purchase.

At the same time, I also felt under a lot of pressure to do everything ‘right’. To keep the house clean and tidy, to cook healthy, nutritious meals that everyone liked (preferably involving pasta or pizza!), to keep up with fashion trends and to raise happy, well-adjusted children, not to mention maintain some resemblance of a social life …while also running a business!

All of this made me realise that the work I was doing wasn’t fulfilling me as much as I wanted. I didn’t want a job that was just about making money. I wanted to do something I felt passion for, something that would challenge and nurture me, as well as pay the bills of course! I also wanted to build a community, to help others on a similar journey, rediscovering their hidden passions and dreams, without any of the judgment and expectations that society often places on us.

And to do this, so far, I have started a blog, built a community on Instagram and Facebook, and will be launching my first e-course and workbook this Summer (make sure you’re on my email list for more details!). After nearly 20 years of wearing ‘busy’ as a badge of honour, I am absolutely loving a new, slower-paced life. I feel more in tune with myself than I have since I was a child, and although I still am, and probably will always be, a bit of a social misfit, I am now embracing that and learning to live life to the beat of my own drum. I love knowing that I’m making a difference in people's lives, and I love being part of an ever-growing community of inspired entrepreneurs.

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Frequently asked questions
Why are they not scented? Surely that’s the point of a candle?

The problem with scented candles is that the chemicals they use to create that lovely aroma are generally far from wholesome.

Most scented candles use synthetic fragrances and dyes that give off dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), even at room temperature. These include formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol and esters. These harmful chemicals can cause health problems ranging from headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms to asthma attacks and respiratory tract infections.

Instead, if you do want a nice scent in your home, I recommend making your own reed diffusers using natural oils…or simpler still, just buy a nice bunch of sweet smelling flowers!

OK I’m convinced about it being unscented but why flameless?

Simply, its safer! They look and feel the same as traditional lit candles, but if you fall asleep while reading by candlelight, theres no risk of fire.

Our youngest daughter uses one as a night light, tucked under her arm when she goes to sleep! Friends of ours use them in their campervan as they travel around the country. Also, there are no soot marks on the walls or messy wax spills on the table.

Did I mention they last for up to 10 years?! All you need to do is change the batteries to keep on enjoying your favourite candles!