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1 week

Etsy Vancouver 2018. What a great event! Met so many great people and sales we're fantastic! Best selling card was my Vancouver "Don we now our RAIN apparel, fa la la la, fa la la la, la la la."

3 months

Love to see my cards out in the wild. Check out Willow and Wallflower in Port Moody for the latest in local artisan goods!

4 months

Congrats on the new little one!

6 months

One of my favorite cards. Great for those new home owners...or renters. Home is where you park it. Right?

6 months

My workspace...the cleanest it's ever been!

7 months

This is my studio most of the time. Gotta have everything close by for easy use. Never know when inspiration hits. :)

7 months

Your best friend is always a mirror of ourselves. If that includes swearing too much and drinking too much...so be it. :)

2 years

It's your choice of naughty or nice Which one will you choose? grinning