At the center of it

Our office is just a few steps from Market Street (that has free WiFi by the way). So feel free to take your computer outside on a nice day or, you know, when the fog’s lazing out by the bridge.

Life at Etsy

Growth beyond spreadsheets

Unique employee programs–many of them started when Etsy was only yea big–contribute to personal and professional development. One standout, Hacker Grants (in collaboration with Hacker School), is focused on bringing more women into Engineering at Etsy and across our industry.

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Our code is craft

Ship Early and Often

On average, we ship code about every 15 minutes

Measure Everything

Build metrics, experimentation and monitoring into everyting we do

Be Transparent

Share information quickly and broadly

We're About Learning

Blameless postmortems ensure that we learn and move forward together

Share What You Learn

We publish and manage open source projects and give talks at many major conferences

Read Code as Craft