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Tanya Reilly: The Maybe-Great Idea, An RFC Journey

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When: December 2nd, 2019 04:00AM EST

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On December 3, 2019, Tanya Reilly, a Principal Engineer in Squarespace's architecture group, will join us to talk about Squarespace's process for getting [maybe!] great architectural ideas validated and shipped. She'll be joined by Katie Sylor-Miller, Frontend Architect at Etsy, for a moderated Q&A discussion.

The talk will also be live-streamed at 7pm Eastern.

The Maybe-Great Idea, An RFC Journey

You have a great idea for a software project. But… will it work? Is it actually a great idea? Are you sure that there aren't huge risks you're not seeing that could cause the design to be torpedoed at the last minute? Could other people be quietly solving the same problem? It sure would be nice if your organisation could endorse the idea and say yes, absolutely, do it!

Once an engineering org has more than a few people, making big decisions can be hard. Often there are lots of people who can say no to an idea, but it's hard to find anyone to definitively say yes. So how do we make it easy for people with good ideas to get support and get started?

Join us to hear Tanya share Squarespace’s journey from the popular #YOLO method of software development, through writing RFC [Request for Comment] design documents, writing better RFCs, reviewing designs as a massive terrifying group, reviewing designs in secret smoky rooms, finding a balance that made us happy, and accidentally building a community along the way. It's a journey we're glad we've taken, and it can work for other people too.

After the talk, Tanya will be joined by Etsy’s own Frontend Architect, Katie Sylor-Miller, for a moderated Q&A and discussion of Etsy’s Architecture Review practices.

About Tanya Reilly

Tanya is a Principal Software Engineer in the Architecture group at Squarespace. Before Squarespace, she spent twelve years wrangling infrastructure at Google. She likes Raspberry Pi and coding on trains, and speaks at conferences about the senior IC engineer career path and the many [many!] ways humans can break software. Originally from Ireland, Tanya is now an enthusiastic New Yorker and lives in Brooklyn.

About Katie Sylor-Miller

Katie Sylor-Miller recently became the first Frontend Architect at Etsy, and is still trying to figure out exactly what that means. She loves to talk, write, and teach frontend performance, design systems, accessibility, and which tiki bars are the best in the country. She gained notoriety by writing the website, and collaborated with Julia Evans to make a zine based on her content.