Craft Party 2016

June 17 - 19

Every year, the Etsy community comes together to create and connect. You can join the fun by organizing a creative event or starting a project you’ve always dreamed of doing. Really, anything goes! We just ask one thing: Make sure to share it all on social media with #EtsyCraftParty so your fellow Craft Partiers can revel in your creative glory.

Celebrate with us

Etsy Craft Party is all about sparking creativity and letting those sparks fly. We give you permission to make some creative messes—and to make them with friends! Then share what you make, create and celebrate on social media with #EtsyCraftParty.

Find an event (or three if that’s your style) by searching “Etsy Craft Party” on EventBrite.

Need some inspiration?

If you’re feeling stuck, we’ve got just the ideas to get your creative wheels turning.

Visit a museum and share photos of art that catches your eye

Host a supply swap and invite your crafty friends

Throw a themed potluck dinner party

Put on a talent show or art show and ask your friends to participate

Take a walk in nature to gather stones, dirt, and cuttings for a terrarium

Learn something new by taking a class

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A big thank you to all of our partners helping make this year's Craft Party a truly awesome one.

Check out how we've teamed up to offer fun DIY ideas, ways to participate in #EtsyCraftParty in your area and for chances to win cool prizes to get you inspired.

Got questions?


Can I participate in Etsy Craft Party if I live outside the US?

Yes! Etsy’s Global Craft Party is just that—global! It’s all about creativity and connections in your local community, no matter where that community is. By sharing your participation online using #EtsyCraftParty, you’ll be part of the worldwide celebration.

Do I need to have an Etsy account to join in the fun?

Having an Etsy account will allow you to be more engaged, but you don’t need to have an account to participate.

How can I share my Etsy Craft Party photos and updates?

You can post your photos and updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #EtsyCraftParty and @etsy. We encourage you to share—your post could be re-tweeted or regrammed by us!

How will my photos be used?

When you tag a photo on social media with #EtsyCraftParty, you warrant you own all rights to the photo and give Etsy, Inc. permission to use the photo, in perpetuity.

Information for organizers

How can I sign up to host an Etsy Craft Party event in my area?

We recommend using Eventbrite to host your gathering, party or event. We use it for local events here at Etsy and find that it has great event planning tools! Visit their How It Works page to learn about registering an event.

What information should I include in my event post?

Be sure to include location, date, time, your name and a description of the event. Uploading photos is a fun way to engage potential participants.

Can I organize an Etsy Craft Party if there's already one happening in my area?

Absolutely! Craft Parties are as unique as the Etsy community. While some are small, private gatherings among friends, others are big public events. The more parties that exist in a particular area, the better opportunity for connections to be made.

Can I have my Etsy Craft Party on a different date?

We encourage the parties to happen over the weekend of June 17 so it's a simultaneous global celebration, but if you really feel the need to celebrate on a different day, go for it!

I want to host an event but only want to invite certain people. Should I still use EventBrite?

You can choose to keep your event private and still create an impressive looking invite and RSVP experience for your guests. Visit EventBrite’s FAQs to learn how.

Can I charge people to attend my Etsy Craft Party?

This is up to you. You may feel that you need to collect a small fee from participants to offset the cost of supplies, snacks or space rental. Keep in mind that the spirit of Etsy Craft Party is to celebrate creativity and community, not generate a profit.

I prefer to use Facebook events to host my events, am I allowed?

Yes, you should use whatever event planning tool works best for you to plan and host your event.

Information for participants

How do I search for an Etsy Craft Party near me?

Since we’re encouraging event organizers to use EventBrite, searching for events in your area is as easy as visiting the EventBrite website and entering “Etsy Craft Party” into the “Browse Events” box.

I don't see an Etsy Craft Party listed near me. What should I do?

You have a few options to participate in Craft Party if you can’t find one in your area. You can opt to organize an event or gathering yourself. It can be as small or large as you like and can be as simple as inviting a few friends over for an afternoon of DIY. Or, you can simply do something creative that inspires you and connect with the online Etsy community by sharing it on social media and tagging it #EtsyCraftParty

How do I share my craft project so that everyone can see it?

Share photos of your project as you make it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #EtsyCraftParty. Watch for the hashtag and follow Etsy on Instagram during the party to see other participants’ projects.

I have a question that the FAQs didn’t answer. What should I do?

Posting your question to the Craft Party Team will give you access to hundreds of experienced Craft Party participants who can help you. You can also email to reach the Etsy staff who are leading Etsy Craft Party.