Our mission is to empower creative people in underserved communities to create pathways to entrepreneurship with Etsy. We provide hands-on education to help them use existing craft skills to create opportunities for earning supplemental income. We believe that through this program, we can help cities realize the vision of an inclusive, thriving Etsy Economy.

The opportunity

Craft Entrepreneurship is an educational program that equips creative people in underserved communities with the knowledge and skills to start Etsy businesses and earn supplemental income through their craft.

In each city, we partner with local organizations that are working to empower lower income residents through creative and interactive programming. Each organization is responsible for recruiting students who have craft and manufacturing skills, and who need support in applying their talents to entrepreneurial endeavors.

This support can be best provided through in-depth education and hands-on experience. We have created a curriculum designed to be taught in person by experienced, local Etsy sellers who we train and prepare for the classroom. Participants put their learning into action by setting up and running an Etsy shop and practice strategies for success across a variety of selling environments.

We have launched this program in many cities already, and we are excited to help bring it to many more! If you are an organization looking to partner, a seller looking to teach, or an Etsy Team interested in bringing this program to your city, please read our FAQs to learn more.

“I was in search of a way to supplement my income, and to find that joy and fulfillment I’ve always searched for. Doing something on my own, and that I really enjoy and love doing, is what I’ve always ultimately wanted.”

The Etsy economy

Over the past decade, the Etsy community — a global online network of independent artists and designers — has been pioneering a new model for economic prosperity.

As middle-skill, middle-wage jobs continue to decline, Etsy sellers’ work represents a societal shift toward empowering, flexible entrepreneurship that generates needed supplemental income. See our Redefining Entrepreneurship report to learn more about how this type of work is impacting the economy.

By partnering with local community organizations, we are making the Etsy economic opportunity accessible to underserved communities throughout the U.S. and beyond.