FAQs on becoming a partner organization

How does the Craft Entrepreneurship program work? We offer the Craft Entrepreneurship curriculum to nonprofit and public organizations that work with lower income individuals with craft skills in their communities. Partnering organizations are asked to complete a background form and sign our Terms of Service, before they begin offering the program.

Once an organization completes the Terms of Service, Etsy will provide access to our specialized curriculum and teacher training toolkit.The curriculum consists of 14 hours of classroom time, typically spread out over five weekly sessions (five 2-hour sessions and one 4-hour photography workshop), and is designed to be taught in a computer lab setting. Each lesson covers a different topic such as marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), product photography and basic accounting.

The core goal of this program is to expand access to microbusiness education for underrepresented creative entrepreneurs, allowing individuals to experiment with entrepreneurship and potentially earn extra income through the businesses they create. We’ve also found that partner organizations benefit by being better able to provide entrepreneurship education to creative, diverse, lower income populations, and incorporate programming that’s relevant to current employment trends and the maker movement.

What are the requirements for partnering organizations? Organizations must be nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations or governmental institutions that provide educational programs and services for underserved communities in the areas of business creation and growth, entrepreneurial skills training, and/or artistic development. Examples of past partnering organizations include libraries, small business development centers (SBDCs), municipal agencies, and maker spaces.

Craft Entrepreneurship partners should have (either on-site or local access to) a computer lab space that meets the requirements listed here in order to conduct the classes. Partners are also required to find, train, and compensate the Craft Entrepreneurship teacher at a competitive local rate for their services.

How do I apply as an Etsy seller or Etsy Team looking to bring this program to by community? We are thrilled by all the passionate Etsy sellers who have expressed their eagerness to bring this opportunity to underserved communities in their towns and cities. Interested Etsy sellers should identify a local municipal or nonprofit organization serving lower income populations to host the classes and encourage them to complete a background form to get started.

Who is this class intended for and what can students expect to gain? This class is intended to help creative individuals in underserved populations launch their own shops on Etsy, and in doing so, create pathways for supplemental income with their craft and curation talents. Students gain confidence, education, and access to an encouraging community of creative entrepreneurs with shared experiences.

Using Etsy as a learning lab, participants will learn the fundamentals of starting an online microbusiness and will be able to sell their wares to new audiences. The curriculum includes lessons in marketing, branding, pricing, and product photography. Students are guided through the process of opening their Etsy shop and listing their products by a seasoned, local Etsy seller.

Since this program is designed for total beginners, participating students should not have made sales on Etsy prior to the first class. Students should have a craft product they make that’s ready to sell, or a collection of qualifying vintage goods or craft supplies, and should meet the partner organization’s criteria for underserved populations. Since definitions vary from location to location, prospective students should check with the host organization to find out if they qualify. For existing Etsy sellers looking for more advanced education, we encourage them to explore the online resources in our Seller Handbook.

My organization primarily serves youth and/or operates after school programming. Would we be a good fit? Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the Craft Entrepreneurship Program to individuals under 18 years old. Per our House Rules, minors are not able to open or operate Etsy shops.

Who teaches the classes? Classes are taught by local Etsy sellers who have a deep understanding of Etsy’s tools and experience in managing an independent microbusiness. Each teacher is provided with an educator’s guide and receives training through the partner organization. Etsy provides a training toolkit, and materials to help organization identify candidates in their community. Partner organizations are responsible for selecting the teacher and arranging their compensation. Additional details on the selection process, teacher compensation, and budget are below.

Does Etsy provide funding for this program? Etsy does not provide funding to partner organizations to run the Craft Entrepreneurship program, as we believe the most sustainable way of integrating this program into community organizations is through locally available funding sources. Past partner organizations have used funding for programs targeted at arts education, entrepreneurial and micro-enterprise training, as well as workforce development.

How much does it cost to host this program? The key costs of running the Craft Entrepreneurship program include printed materials (workbooks for students), basic photography equipment, and compensation for a trained instructor at a competitive local rate. For organizations that do not have in-house access to a computer lab facility, space rental may also factor into program costs.

Please click here to see a sample budget for the first round of the Craft Entrepreneurship program.

How can I fund this program at my center? Past partners have used a variety of funding sources including municipal funds, foundation grants and private donations to carry out this programing.

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FAQs on becoming a Craft Entrepreneurship teacher

Is teaching experience required to become a Craft Entrepreneurship Teacher? Prior teaching experience is not required. Previous Craft Entrepreneurship teachers brought a variety of experiences to the program ranging from elementary school teachers, corporate sales teams, work with the Peace Corps, workshops for their local Etsy team, and crafting classes, to name a few!

I want to apply to teach Craft Entrepreneurship, but I don’t see my town on the list of participating cities. Can I still apply? You can still apply even if you don’t see your city listed as one of our partner cities. If you know of a fantastic organization in your city and would like to see Craft Entrepreneurship offered there, please encourage them to learn more about our program and get in touch!

If I am accepted to teach Craft Entrepreneurship, does that mean I become an employee of Etsy Inc.? Teachers of the Craft Entrepreneurship program are hired by the local partner organization for which they teach. They are not employees or contractors of Etsy.

What are the benefits of becoming a Craft Entrepreneurship teacher? Craft Entrepreneurship provides teachers with the opportunity to build experience and leadership skills, as well as coach future Etsy sellers from underserved communities, and teach entrepreneurial skills on behalf of Etsy and our partner organizations. Participating teachers have reported that teaching Craft Entrepreneurship was a valuable and enriching experience and that, if given the opportunity, they would do it all over again—in fact, many do year after year.

Are teachers compensated for their work? Our partner organizations understand that each teacher’s time is valuable and they will compensate them for their hours of preparation, teaching, and follow-up.

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