Celebrate EVERY moment with gifts from small shops!

Celebrate EVERY moment with gifts from small shops!

What is Etsy DE?

Explore the story behind our marketplace

Your online marketplace for handmade and creative goods
We're glad you’re here! Etsy Germany is a global online marketplace teeming with countless small businesses, shops, and independent creatives. We are your community for searching, finding, collecting, and creating. Etsy is all about hand-crafting, special details, and creative ideas. Whatever you're looking for: Etsy is brimming with exceptional products for your home, fashion items, accessories, and vintage products, plus anything hobby- or DIY-related. Since our launch in 2005, we've offered one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted products for any budget on our platform. Right now, you can choose from 100 million active listings.

How Etsy works: Buying and selling

Buy on Etsy
Our online marketplace lets you buy directly from shops and creatives from Germany and around the world. It works just like a real-life market: everyone runs their own small shop where you can browse and purchase what you like. Place your orders directly with the shops and check out using the payment options they offer. If you have any special requests or questions, you can contact the seller directly. Do you have any questions or ideas? Get in touch with the seller for your customized dream product.

Become a seller
Are you always working on new projects in your spare time? And maybe you even have a first collection you'd like to share with the world? As a seller on Etsy, you can manage your own business—and be part of a global community of 5.9 million shops, 226,000 of which are based in Germany. Etsy not only offers you the right platform, but also support and help when you need it. This article will tell you all about what you can sell on Etsy as well as the most important rules.

Looking to attract more potential buyers? We have a few marketing options to boost your shop's visibility. Find out more about how to list products, the fees, and the range of marketing options available at Etsy.

All this can be found on Etsy

Handmade, unique, and exciting products—Etsy has everything your creative heart wants.

Interior fans will discover home and living products, such as wall art, personalized prints and custom portraits, cutlery, tableware, glassware and other accessories for dining and hosting, candles, furniture, lamps, plus many other treasures.

Etsy is also a top spot for fashion and accessories: Think personalized necklaces, earrings, dresses, shirts and tops, handbags, totes, backpacks and other helpers to add that unique touch to your look.

From bachelorette party decor to wedding gifts, from baby toys to first-day-at-school treats, from advent calendars and Christmas gifts to Mother's Day ideas—at Etsy you'll always find exceptional inspiration and rare finds for any occasion.

Small presents like keyrings or greeting cards are just as much part of Etsy as tailored dresses in premium fabrics and custom-made furniture. Start browsing the huge range of gifts, inspiration, and hand-made items—for yourself and your loved ones.

Why Etsy is just right for you

Etsy believes in the idea of the global village. We are a global online marketplace that connects people from all over the world. Our sellers and buyers are united in their love of personalized, one-of-a-kind, handmade treasures. Here, local meets global—and supports small businesses, independent makers, and creatives from around the world who sell to around 89.9 million active buyers. This has a significant positive effect on each and every seller—as well as on our entire planet. Read on to find out more about Etsy's sustainability efforts and our initiatives to make the world a little better together.

Shop securely on Etsy

Everyone should feel safe and secure in our community, and this also applies to the order process. Depending on the shop you choose, you will be offered several payment options. These include debit, bank and credit cards, PayPal and Klarna Rechnung.

Check out the shop before you buy—have a look at the reviews and consider contacting the seller directly if you feel unsure. Any issues with your order? Our support team is here to help. Damaged or lost orders are covered by our Purchase Protection Program. Read on to find out more about Etsy's Purchase Protection Program.

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