Our House Rules

Get to know Etsy's legal terms and policies

Our House Rules

Listing Image Requirements

Our marketplace is built on trust and transparency. In general, listing images must be of the item itself, not a rendering or stock photo. When you upload images, you confirm that you have all necessary rights to those photos and are complying with our Intellectual Property Policy.

Handmade items

Listing photos should be of the finished product made by you. Different handmade techniques produce different results, and it’s important that your images accurately reflect the product that a buyer will receive. Mockups may be used for digital items because they correctly depict the item.

Items made with production partners

If an item is created with production assistance, the listing’s photos should be of the finished product or an image supplied by the production partner that accurately depicts the item the buyer will be receiving. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that these images properly represent their finished items.

Personalized or made to order items

If an item cannot be photographed because it is personalized or made to order, we ask that you use examples of your similar previous work. This is to give your buyers the most accurate idea of what their custom-made items will look like when they’re completed. Images created with the aid of computer software may be used in the additional listing images to give buyers examples of customization options.

When listing personalized or custom embellished commercial items such as monogrammed or engraved accessories, your first image must show an embellished, finished item rather than the blank product you’ll be altering. In addition, you must use your listing description to accurately detail the item for sale.

Vintage items and craft supplies

All images of vintage items and craft supplies should be of the items you have for sale, not stock or commercial images. Using your own photos ensures that the condition, quality, and quantity of items is accurately portrayed.

Last updated on Nov 27, 2018