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••• WELCOME! •••

Ready to add a touch of class to your laptop with a Faux-Marble MacBook Decal? Not only does it protect your tech from scratches, it also adds a layer of sophistication!

The design is modeled after luxurious White-Gray Carrara Marble, the type used among builders of remarkable buildings in ancient Rome, and valued above all other stone by Michelangelo himself. It bears a striking resemblance to the real deal!

But don't just take it from us...
"It looks so awesome! I've had several skins before, and this one is the best and last one I'll buy. It makes my expensive MacBook look even more expensive :P" -Kayla M.

"I absolutely love this decal. It looks exactly like a perfect slab of marble! If you're looking for something unique, classy, and clean I'd definitely recommend this decal! (And for those unfamiliar with decals, this is not a hardcover case. It is a giant sticker you place on your laptop as a skin)." -Celeste G.

This product is made of high quality, easy-to-install vinyl, precision cut to suit your MacBook perfectly. Note: it's NOT a hard case or a 3-piece set - it is 1 sheet of pre-cut vinyl with adhesive backing that is applied to the cover/top or your laptop.

Our adhesive decals are completely removable and will not damage your MacBook. The design has a glossy, hyper-realistic finish which also serves to protect your tech from scratches and minor spills - a few drops of coffee will easily wipe away without damaging the decal. The decal does NOT come with a cutout of the Apple logo -- see the "Please Note" section below for details!

Each order comes with a detailed application instruction card. Please follow the instructions carefully as they explain how to burnish the decal to ensure a secure application. The decal will remain secure until you decide to remove it. Once applied the decal cannot be re-applied (but honestly, it's too pretty to remove!)

As the creators of the Original Marble MacBook Decal, we take a ton of pride in our work. We use only the finest imported vinyl, top-quality adhesive, and the most realistic marble pattern you've ever seen. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations (plenty of them have sprung up since we started), our marble decals are as close to real marble as you can get. Also, they will stay 'stuck' for as long as you'd like your MacBook marbleized. No need to worry about cheap adhesive that will peel off over time.

For a limited time, receive FREE U.S. SHIPPING (no promo code required)!

The decal purposefully does not come with a cutout of the Apple logo - instead, the material is designed so that light shines through when the laptop is open, producing a glowing effect.* You can adjust the brightness of the glowing Apple logo using the F1 and F2 keys on the top left corner of your keyboard. All of our photos are shown with the same decal -- no cutout, just the light magically glowing through.

*UNLESS - if you have a 2015 12-inch MacBook OR the new 2016 13" MacBook Pro OR 15" MacBook Pro with or without Touch Bar - as they do not come with an illuminated Apple logo.

••• SHIPPING •••
Shipping within the United States is FREE / Canada is $7.50 / all other International Shipments are $11.50.

We work hard to get our orders processed as quickly as possible, but sometimes we run into inventory delays and it may take up to 7 days to process. You will receive an email notification when your package ships complete with tracking information.

Your decal(s) will be shipped in a large cardboard mailing envelope to ensure it arrives crisp and clean to your doorstep : )

••• FAQ •••
Q: What is a decal?
A: A decal is a design that sticks to the surface on which it is placed after the paper on the back of it is removed. It's akin to a large, high-quality sticker that has strong adhesive on one side, and a design on the other.

Q: Will "13" Pro Retina / 15" Pro Retina" fit my MacBook Pro with Retina Display?
A: Yes! The character limitation on Etsy product titles prevents us from spelling out the full title, but our decals labeled 'Retina' are meant only for MacBook Pros with Retina display.

Q: I'm not sure what size my laptop is, can you help?
A: Absolutely! Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your laptop. Select "About this Mac" followed by "More Info" and the product details will display. Please note: Apple dimensions are measured diagonally so a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display actually measures 13.3-inches diagonally.

Refer to Apple's website for technical specs:

It provides information like this:

Technical specs for the 13" MacBook Pro:
• Width: 12.78 inches (32.5 cm)
• Depth: 8.94 inches (22.7 cm)

Technical specs for the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display:
• Width: 12.35 inches (31.4 cm)
• Depth: 8.62 inches (21.9 cm)

Technical specs for the 13" MacBook Air:
• Width: 12.8 inches (32.5 cm)
• Depth: 8.94 inches (22.7 cm)

Q: Is there a size difference between 13" MacBook Pro/Air and 13" MacBook Pro Retina decals?
A: Yes, there is a noticeable difference in size between these products. Please order the size that suits your laptop for the best fit.

Q: Does it come with a bottom piece or keyboard cover?
A: No, not at this time. We are busy keeping up with demand for top covers, and do not have the ability to make bottom covers, keyboard covers or iPad covers at this time.

Q: I'm ready to apply my Marble MacBook Decal! Will you walk me through the application process?
A: Sure! Check out our step-by-step photo instructions on our website: [Copy + Paste this link into your browser to view the application instructions]

Q: Is it hard to apply? Will it stay put?
A: Follow the instruction card that comes with your decal OR follow the instructions found here:, and you shouldn't have an issue. The instructions demonstrate how to burnish the decal to push out the air bubbles and ensure a tight, secure fit. If you're nervous to begin the application, ask a friend to hold two corners tightly (with the backing still connected) while you begin applying the opposite edge. The instructions may seem lengthy, but the application process really only takes a few minutes.

Q: Will the marble pattern look exactly the same as the listing photographs?
A: Each decal we produce is unique, but created from a large white marble pattern. Due to this, the balance of white space and gray veins varies from decal to decal (similar to a Carrara marble countertop which varies from piece to piece / section to section). All decals feature the same pattern, but we cannot control where the veins are located within the pattern.

Q: When I view the pattern up close it looks slightly pixelated, is this normal?
A: Yes, this is done on purpose to make the pattern look realistic from a few inches (or feet) away. We photograph the same product without photoshopping, but we also do so from at least 12 inches away, as opposed to close up. So, the product that you see in the photographs is the same product we sell and ship to customers. If you are looking for a realistic marble pattern (as opposed to a hyperealistic photo of actual marble), you've come to the right place.

Q: Is it hard to remove?
A: Removal only takes a minute, but remember, once the decal is removed, it cannot be reapplied (in order to remove, you do need to ruin the decal, as it typically peels off in 2-3 large pieces). If it has been adhered for several months, there may be a small amount of adhesive residue left. Just rub off with a cloth (or even your finger in a circular motion) and the surface will be restored to its original condition very quickly.

Q: Are all of your listings for the same product?
A: YES. We have multiple listings to show off multiple photos of our product. We also utilize a variety of titles since some people refer to the product as a "skin" a "decal" a "sticker" a "vinyl cover," etc. Feel free to purchase from any listings and select the size you need from the drop-down menu.

Q: If I order today, will my product ship tomorrow?
A. It might, but it depends on our current inventory levels. Sometimes we have a 7-day wait on a particular product (we will notify you if your product is taking longer than expected). You will receive a shipping notification via email when your order is en route.

Q: Do you ship to __________?
A: Possibly! If your country is not listed, shoot us a message and we may be able to add a shipping option to your country. International shipping is $11.50 USD ($7.50 to Canada / $2.25 to the USA).

Q: I cannot afford a Carrara marble countertop, so this is the next best thing. Will this decal bring me tremendous joy as I'd imagine a pristine marble countertop would?
A: Actually, yes. This piece of adhesive-coated marble vinyl has demonstrated that it can do wondrous things. It will surely make you smile and probably serve as a nice little conversation piece, too. The conversation usually starts like this: Woah, is that marble? That is SO COOL!!!


♥♥ FAN MAIL ♥♥
"Love this!! Shipped so quickly and looks so chic! Thank you!!!"

"Can't get over how unique and wonderful the decal is."

"Very nice product. I get nothing but compliments."

"Gorgeous cover and fast service. Looks stunning on my laptop! Thank you!"

"Amazing product! Easy to fit on and looks even more amazing in real life than on the picture!"

"It looks beautiful. Getting tons of compliments. Easy to put on and shipping was super fast. Love it!"

"I'm in LOVE with this skin! It looks much better once you've applied it on your Macbook, than looking at the skin by itself."

"I am in LOVE with this decal! It makes my laptop look so classy and I have received so many compliments on it already from random strangers and friends. Even though it is just for the top it doesn't look incomplete because the color merges well with the otherwise aluminum color of a MacBook."

Thanks for taking the time to read about our products! Since we are a startup company, we are still striving to improve our products and processes. If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact me directly using the "Contact Shop Owner" or "Ask a Question" button, or by emailing me via: MarbleDecals [!at] Thanks in advance! ~ Marty

© Copyright 2015 Marble Decals. Marble Decals is not affiliated to Apple® Inc.

Marble MacBook Sticker Skin - Made for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina. Made in the USA. FREE U.S. Shipping!

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