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Announcement    Welcome to the doll world of Catinka Hinkebein! I am glad that you pass by. I hope you enjoy browsing as I do on making my dolls. If you have questions, do not hasitate to contact me


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Welcome to the doll world of Catinka Hinkebein! I am glad that you pass by. I hope you enjoy browsing as I do on making my dolls. If you have questions, do not hasitate to contact me


Catinka Hinkebein

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Catinka Hinkebein


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Catinka Hinkebein and how it all began

I have always liked sewing very much and also started early on. That must be in my blood, because my great-grandmother had her own tailor's shop and my grandma taught me how to sew. The first time I sat at a sewing machine, I was on her lap. Grandma kicked the pedal and I guided the fabric. We sewed with an old pedal sewing machine at that time and I didn't get along well with it at all. I preferred to sew everything by hand. The machine rattled far too fast for me. If I carried the needle, I at least knew where it was going. So for years I sewed only with needle and thread, so properly by hand. I sewed what you sew as a teenager, but mainly bags.
When I sewed my first doll, I don't remember exactly. At some point I felt like creating something 3-dimensional. A doll was the closest. I thought that you would have to sew dolls that, far away from Barbie and Co., absolutely do not correspond to any ideal of beauty. So my first dolls had thick butts, breasts of different sizes or hips much too wide.
Creating such a creature out of fabric was a lot of fun for me and so I sewed dolls over dolls, but had no use for it. And they looked pretty stupid at the time. I sewed them all by hand. But I gained a lot of know-how about doll sewing.
A friend then asked me one day if I could sew a doll for his niece. And that was, so to speak, the prototype of my current dolls, and also the first doll for which I got money. Since this doll was so well received and I had already fallen for the doll sewing addiction, I dared to approach the sewing machine again and finally taught myself how to sew there autodidactically. Nowadays I absolutely do not want to do without my sewing machine. With her I have traveled hundreds of dolls created.
Nevertheless, I still embroider the faces of my dolls with my hand. I can't be dissuaded from that either. Hand-embroidered faces are simply far more beautiful and vivid than machine-embroidered ones. I like to invest more time in that.
In 2008 I opened my first shop and sold my dolls with good success. I created many hundreds of little creatures, both girl and boy dolls with cool retro outfits and great colorful designs.
In the end, it was several customers who expressed the desire for a doll that looked like their own husband, daughter or himself or herself. So I used the face and body of my dolls as a kind of stereotype. Body size, shape and face remained the same for each doll. Through the individual adaptation of eye and hair color, hairstyle, clothing and personal identifying features, however, very own characters were created, which have a striking resemblance to their human role models. The time of the Mini Me's began. Today I sew almost exclusively portrait dolls and I am extremely happy about the development of my label. I love sitting at the sewing machine and creating a little personality bit by bit. Then I really get into the flow. It is also great that every doll is different and thus my work remains exciting and always offers new challenges. I almost never stop learning. But the best thing is that in the end I always hold a finished being in my hands, which also tells me a bit about my clientele and brings them closer to me.

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    Hello! I am Catinka, 42 years young, Berliner and mom of 2 sons. Catinka Hinkebein is my baby, to whom I dedicate myself whenever I find time. If I can sit at my sewing machine, then I am happy and completely in my element.

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