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Note from shop owner We are temporarily closed. Thank you all so much for your support!

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Oct 3, 2021

We are temporarily closed. Thank you all so much for your support!


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Behind the Scenes...

For our candles we use resealable tins or jars, eco soy wax, cotton, hemp or wooden wicks, candle dye certified for candle wax from German candle shops, high quality fragrance oils for candles from an Austrian natural cosmetics manufacturer (vegan + cruelty free), and different decorations. The exact ingredients list can be found in our shop under each product.

In some of our candles we use mica powder, which is a shimmer pigment from minerals (so no plastic, yay!). We buy our micas from an Austrian natural cosmetics manufacturer, who receives the pigments from a responsible source. On their site they state that their micas do not come from India and have nothing to do with child labour! The micas are vegan and cruelty free.

We buy our glitter from an UK based company that offers BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER.
We use two different kinds: 100% plastic and aluminium free (+ microplastic free) glitter, and 92% plastic and aluminium free glitter.
Bio-Glitter is made from non-GMO eucalyptus trees which have been sustainably farmed in Europe. When exposed to moisture, oxygen and micro-organisms, the glitter biodegrades in 4-5 weeks.
100% Glitter is mainly available in very pearly/soft colours.
92% Glitter contains a very thin layer of plastic and aluminium in order to give it more shine and colour. According to the manufacturer even the remaining 8% that are not biodegradable are proven to break down into harmless substances.
The manufacturer is working on producing more and more colours as 100% plastic free glitters. Because of that we hope to extend our glitter range.
Our glitter is cruelty free! 92% glitter is vegan. 100% glitter is vegetarian friendly because of the shellac, the process of obtaining shellac does not cause any harm to animals!

Because bio glitter is not available with special effects (like holographic) yet, sometimes we may use PET glitter for some of our candles. Of course we try to avoid this as much as possible. You will always find a detailed ingredients list under each product, so you know what you are going to buy!

At this point we want to advise to always look carefully for what you are going to buy. During our research for bio glitter we came across vendors that leave their customers in the dark about their materials or even market their plastic glitter as "bio" glitter. This tends to be the case especially with cosmetic glitter (which people use on their skin, mix into their make up such as lipgloss and eye shadow, wash down the drain, etc). It is a pity that we have to face so much obscurity on this topic!

We buy our gems and minerals from renowned jewellery wholesalers in Germany. You can take of the gem from the candle, clean it and use it as a regular gem. Please note that with buying one of our Crystal Candles you do not only pay for a elaborately crafted candle, but also pay for a gemstone. These materials have their price!

If you have any questions, you can always write us a message!

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    Hi, I'm the candle fan behind "LeikosCandles". Or you can just call me Anna ;) Pouring candles is a creative hobby for me that I want to share with others.

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    The lovely and patient Para helps me with new ideas for the shop, new candles, and other things regarding our little world of candles.

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    Our motivational dog, our loyal friend, always by our side. He makes life better. Simply that :)

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Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalized orders

Even each of our regular candles is a uniquely created product. Colours and Scents can vary slightly.

For special wishes we offer a varienty of custom candles sizes.
If you have extra wishes that are not listed, please contact us.
For wholesale/bulk orders please plan in enough time, since it takes us quite some time to pour all candles.

Can I light decorated candles?

If you want to burn your candles, we recommend removing the decoration (that does not consist of wax), especially around the wick.
Flowers should be removed or burnt in a controlled and safe environment. Be careful with buds since they can behave like a wick and burn for a longer time.
If you store candles with flower decoration for a longer time, the petals may discolour or wilt.
You can remove gemstones from the melted wax (be careful to not burn yourself!), cleanse them and use them for other purposes.
Sugar sprinkles can be removed to reach a cleaner burning of the candle.
If you want to ensure a clean and good burn, you should even scrape off the glitter, at least around the wick, otherwise it mixes with the wax and could "clog" the wick.

About soy wax...

Soy wax has many advantages, however, it is more difficult to handle than paraffin. Soy wax is bio-degradable, burns cleaner and slower than paraffin wax. The wax alone has a light inherent smell, other than paraffin wax, which scent is often described as obtrusive.

Soy wax is also very temperature-sensitive. Little flaws or so-called frosting could occur (even after the candle hardened, e.g. During transport).
This does not reduce burn or scent throw!

Scent Throw

We try to give our candles a pleasant scent throw. Some fragrance oils are stronger than others, therefore some candles smell more intense than others. It is not possible to put more of a "weaker" fragrance oil into the wax because soy wax can only hold a limited amount of oil.
Under circumstances (e.g. temperature fluctuation) a candle can "sweat out" the fragrance oil or the natural oils in the wax. This is visible as little drops on the surface. In this case please dab off the oil and let the candle dry before lighting!
The scent of the candles will slowly fade over time and might not smell as strong as when you bought it.
If you want to buy one of our candles completely unscented, just write us a message.

For questions or suggestions we are at your disposal!
We hope you are happy with our produtcs.

Care instructions

Please follow the usual instructions for burning candles and be careful!
Never leave your candles burning unattended or near children, pets, or flammable materials. Follow our tips regarding decoration, never put candles in a draught/draft, and do not let candles burn for more than 4 hours.

Please keep cotton wicks at a length of 0,5 to 1 cm.
Wooden wicks should be trimmed even shorter, otherwise they will not burn properly; 0,5 cm at most.

LeikosCandles are uniquely decorated candles. We test every piece of decoration in our candles and give you these tips. However, use the candles like any other candles at your own risk. Safety comes first.

How can we support you?

If you like our products, you can tell your friends, buy our products as presents for others, share pictures on social media (and tag us), or leave a short review here on Etsy :D

For questions or suggestions we are at your disposal!
We hope you are happy with our produtcs.