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Many Mornings

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Many Mornings

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Our new Nordic Lighthouse socks are for these who seek light in their everyday life and for those who crave to explore. Let our socks guide you always to the right direction and let the adventure begin!
It’s getting cold, rainy and kind of depressing outside, don’t you think? We might have a solution for that – make yourself a margherita and go crazy with our new Fiesta Mexicana socks. Let’s just keep the summer vibes in our hearts and on our feet. ¡Olé!
A pair of socks that makes you feel sneaky and smart. Wear the red guy and handle easily all challenges your day brings. Dressed in autumn colors and forest gown, suitable for the natural and urban jungle.Meet The Red Fox!

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We love our socks and we would like to share them with you. Let go of the grey, sleepy mornings for a blast of colors. Wear Many Mornings!

Your socks should match yourself. Be unique. Wear Many Mornings!

Many Mornings socks are perfect for people who find order in chaos, avoid banality, and above all - are more often driven by the heart than by reason. Just like us when we’re coming up with new concepts, and creating new designs and models. It's all for you! Fall in love with our mismatched socks and wander away with them into the unknown! Mismatched (but matching) socks from Many Mornings are an element of anyone's wardrobe which can't be passed by without a second glance. These are socks to enjoy life: to run around the city or party, for meeting friends, lazing around, or being hard at work. They love to be the center of attention, to be complimented, and to make people smile.

Our story

MANY MORNINGS was founded and is still based in Aleksandrow Lodzki, the sock capital of Poland. It’s a place where sock manufacture has been going strong for over a hundred years. Almost every family in the area has a history of working in the textile industry, enriching our fresh new designs with the tradition of craftsmanship. We are proud to support the local economy: our socks are made by a family business with 25 years of experience, enabling us to go even further in our search for unique patterns and bold colour palettes – the heart of the MANY MORNINGS brand.

Never too Many

MANY MORNINGS socks combine decades of experience in the Łódź textile industry with a unique approach to design and a love for a well-made product. Quality matters to us – our production process uses only the finest materials. When it comes to design, we find inspiration in everything that surrounds us. Meeting friends, trying new things, traveling – we learn from each experience to design socks that we would want to wear ourselves. It gives us a joy which we love to share with others!


Helping those in need means a lot to us – that’s why we started the SHARE A PAIR initiative. For over 2 years we have donated over 100 000 socks to child care homes, homeless organizations, or wherever we find those in sore need of warm feet. Beginning with October 2017 we decided change formula of our charity program. We will donate 5% of every purchase to charity and people in need. How cool is that?

We will not give up donating socks, we will simply do much more. We have lots of ideas how can we spend money to help many others. Do good and SHARE A PAIR!


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Many Mornings