"Märchentassen"-magical artifacts with the FlowerOfLife

Announcement    Welcome! You found a trail of magic...

Märchentassen are unique.
Magical artifacts with the 'flower of life' and filled with love!


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Welcome! You found a trail of magic...

Märchentassen are unique.
Magical artifacts with the 'flower of life' and filled with love!


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Hi there I'm Sophie.

I'm an artist, mother of an 4 years old one and healing practitioner from Berlin.

My passion for pottery grew when i was about ten when I went to a free pottery course for kids in my neighborhood.
I loved it!

I kept on doing art but stopped with pottery when the course stopped.


About 17 years later just back from London I moved to the countryside.
Just outside the Berlin City boundaries.
There at the stop of the so called 'Märchentram' (a 107 years old little train) was a pottery store...
So it happened that I wished to get my hands back on clay.

That was 2014 and then very little time after I made my first Märchentasse (still very happily alive).
First I was pretty upset that the workshop didn't have a pottery wheel.
But I quickly realized that this gave my creativity much more freedom. Also I felt that I loved to do mugs.
I always had a favorite mug through all my years, changing tho. But now I could make my own!

Working with clay I started to earth. Brought some peace in my troubled mind.

Then I wanted my mugs to make the best out of the Tea and Coffee or what ever,
I had read about Masaru Emoto and about his tests with water.
So I began to write the word 'love' on the base of each Märchentasse and that was definitely an improvement.
I could feel a difference between the Märchentassen with the word love and those first ones without when I drunk from them.

2016 I became pregnant and I moved back into the city and my workshop was suddenly terribly far away and I was a single mum with a little beautiful girl.

So obviously pottery and film making and everything was put on hold.
After one year my brain was packed with ideas!
My fingers became nervous, pictures popped up inside of me. They wanted to be painted and oh my heart cried for clay....

Time flew by, 2019 I found a little community workshop. Thursdays from 10am until 3pm, my space!
And I decided to make my Märchentassen even more magical. I bought a stamp with the 'flower of life'. And since then, every Märchentasse gets the stamp of the flower of life on the inside. That and the word 'love' on the base make the Märchentassen to truly magical artifacts as both heal the molecular structure of the water and energizes every drop. And on top the flower of life creates harmony!
And this is what I feel when I drink from a Märchentasse...
Last year I moved my studio to the country side.

Connected to the elements outside and inside. I create.

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