Beading Patterns, Bead Weaving Tutorials, Instructions

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Beading Patterns, Bead Weaving Tutorials, Instructions

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Heather Collin


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Beading, it's what I do to keep me sane

I’ve always been creative, one way or another but, nothing has really stuck with me. I get bored, or rather, I used to before beading entered my life!

It started with me trying my hand at stringing - I bought beads at a local show and gave it a go and within a few days, my mind went "oh hell no, not for me"! I did however find the beads extremely enticing and wanted a proper challenge so, I went on the hunt and discovered bead weaving on the web. Yes! This looked like something I could give a try. Well, it took more than many tries before I got a handle on simple Peyote stitch (unknowingly I was using size 15 beads - imagine the trauma) but, once I got it, I got it! I absolutely loved it and went mad making Amulet Bags (remember those?), spiral ropes and netting over big polystyrene (painted) balls....and then I felt the familiar sense of boredom creeping in again. There had to be more to this than what I was doing and it was time to put the hunting gear on again and go search for a “fix”.

Through asking many (probing) questions and being a bit out there, entering competitions, I was eventually introduced to a teacher who did courses on advanced beading. I jumped at the chance and am so glad I did. At the end of these courses, I had to design, write instructions for and bead up 2 designs each in Herringbone, Right Angle Weave and Peyote Stitch. It is from there that I developed my pattern writing abilities and went on to open my Etsy shop back in Dec 2010 with only 12 pattern in hand. I no longer get bored......who's got time for that?


  • Heather Collin

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Do I need a PayPal Acc?

No need to open a PayPal Account. Payment can be made with CREDIT CARDS through PayPal without a PayPal account. Checkout: click on PayPal option, click on check out as "Guest" or Pay with Credit or Debt card option.

Where is my PDF pattern?

Your pattern downloads are in your etsy purchases. Click on "You" at top right of screen, then click on "Purchases". You can download your patterns anytime you need them.


Digital files can be downloaded and used at any time after payment is confirmed so they can not be returned for a refund.
If you are having problems with your pattern download, please contact me so that I can assist you.

Can I teach your design?

Yes, as long as you have a Permission to teach certificate from me as well as the pattern. Just convo me with the details so that I can send you my T'c & C's

Can I sell what I make?

With pleasure! You can sell what you make, just as long as you are not going to mass produce any of my designs.

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