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Once upon a time, there was a small workshop in Pilsen where jewelry, that helps women to get the final touch of their personal style, has been created since 2005.

- Jewelry and fashion accessories inspired by narration stories, history and distant air
Vintage, Ethnic, Gypsy & Bohemian style.

- Technology of hand made beads embroidery and crystal resin .

- Preference of Czech beads/ceramics components above imported materials; all the highest standard and quality .

- Emphasis on quality and craftsmanship .

- Comeback to tradition of Czech jewelry .

- Custom work .


Basic instruction how to extend lifetime of your jewelry

- Store in dryness; even though the jewelry is impregnated shower won't serve it well.

- If you it get caught by rain, try to clean your jewelry as soon as possible.

- Don't wash dishes or use any detergents with the jewelry .

- Be considerate and don't throw your jewelry without any cover into purses etc. .

- Clean earring hooks and puzets (only the parts that get in contact with ear) with alcohol, disinfection regularly; you can partly prevent any discomfort occurring such as festering inflammation etc. Not everything is an allergy reaction.

- Be careful about jewelry with crystal resin with perfumes, polish remover or extended exposure to sunlight .

- In case any damage of the jewelry happens, inform me via email (tamarchino@gmail.com) and we'll arrange the repair, under no circumstances use the super glue.

- Take the jewelry off before going to bed.