high quality digital collage sheets

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high quality digital collage sheets

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Susie McGuire

Susie McGuire am 22. Jun 2017

5 von 5 Sternen

Great download. Images were wonderful.

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crazycrystal771 am 08. Apr 2017

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Great bird images, very nice, thanks

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Merilyn Raiend

Merilyn Raiend am 08. Apr 2017

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Love these ones, need moree!!! :)

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Visual inspiration emporium for the collage and mixed media artist and crafter! We source original antique papers, photos and ephemera for your creative use.

We use only the highest quality and always provide 300dpi. All images are copyright free for your personal and commercial creative use (so long as you do not sell, distribute or present these images as your own in the form of collage sheets or downloads.)

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Images are conveyed to you for your personal and light commercial use only. "Light Commercial Use" refers to small, limited edition, handcrafted items offered for sale at craft fairs, online craft sites (Etsy, etc.) or personal websites. Any other commercial use of these images without prior written permission from the Texas Makerie is strictly prohibited.

Artwork created in whole or in part using our images may be submitted to magazines, online galleries, blogs, etc., for free viewing by your peers without restriction. Providing proper credit to www.etsy.com/shop/TexasMakerieDigital for our contributions to your artwork is appreciated, but not required.

You are permitted to modify our images as needed to satisfy the requirements of your project(s), however these images will still be subject to the terms of this license, regardless of the extent of the modification(s).

You May Not:

1. Redistribute our images in any form or format, as-is or modified for profit or for free. No image purchased from or offered free of charge by www.etsy.com/shop/TexasMakerieDigital, may be re-distributed free of charge by the licensee or any of its assigns.

2. Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of any of our images, in their original, modified and/or altered states. Translation: Altering one of our images does not make it yours!

3. Use our images individually or combined with each other or with another product or products, in their original state or modified, to produce other images and/or image collections intended for resale.

4. Distribute or sell our images in part or whole in printed or digital form. i.e…do not create your won collage sheets with our images.

5. Sell, trade and/or distribute these images free of charge in their original format or grouping.

6. Use our image(s) to create products that could be considered to be obscene, defamatory, immoral, unethical and/or for any purpose that would be prohibited by law.
The spirit of our Personal Use License can be summed up with the following statement. "These images are for your personal use only and cannot be resold, redistributed or given away." Simply put, enjoy creating beautiful art with our images. Don't resell them or claim them as your own!