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Will I be able to see the seeds in the paper?

Yes and No, some seeds are large and stand out really well, some will be as small as a grain of sand and can be trapped between layers of paper meaning you don't see them, some will also dye the same colour as the paper making them very hard to see.

When will the seeds grow?

Most of our products contain a mix of different seeds, some may grow within 1-2 weeks, some may not actually grow untill the correct time of the year when outdoor planting.

How thick is the paper?

Our paper thickness depending on the batch, sometimes it can be tough like a card rather than a paper, sometimes its more like tissue paper. This is not something we can controll as it is affected by the natural drying process. The texture is very fibrous.

How clear cut are the colours?

Your screen resolution and settings can affect how you see the colours. being a recycled product, the colours can vary from batch to batch but we do our utmost to match the colours to our colour board standards.