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Hello peeps and welcome to 'UrbanRhymes'.

I am Marie, the creative mind behind this project. Working in a rather strategic marketing management position, I started 'UrbanRhymes' to express my creativity. Being a passionate singer myself, I have always been drawn towards the beauty of lyrics. Memorizing them has always come easy, understanding them has always been my aspiration.

It was only this summer when I moved into my very first own apartment, that I started to take a few of my favorite written words and turn them into my own little pieces of art. Inspired by rap, pop, poems, street art and other quotes I come across, I strive to create works that may not only embellish my own home but also give your space a unique touch. Enjoy <3


  • theurbanbliss

    Inhaber, Maker

    Hello peeps! This is me, Marie and I am the creative mind behind UrbanRhymes.