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Nachricht vom Shop-Inhaber We are on vacation, the shop reopens the day September 24.

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We are on vacation, the shop reopens the day September 24.

Marco Serafin

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Founded in Milan (Italy), capital of fashion and creativity, our brand is the fusion of traditional material and modern conceptions.
The time, the one who evolves and brings us day after day in search of new emotions, re discover sensitivity for nature and all that surrounds it. For many wood is just a material, for us it is something more, an ancient tradition that blends our culture.
Wrist watches and the accessories Woodstar Milano are a mix of authentic materials, such as our precious woods alive and light, steel that forging the small components for long life, the choice of Swiss-Japanese movements to guarantee precision and reliability.
All the elements of our products are totally recyclable, in the sign of the ecology and respecting of the environment.
Woodstar Milano realizes watches and accessories in real natural wood, discover the collection "Amazon" inspired by the peoples of the Amazon forest.


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The straps of our products can be adjusted on any wrist.

Do the products have a guarantee?

Yes, all our products are covered by a 12-month warranty.

How much does the shipment?

You can see this detail by choosing the destination country.

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