Fine Art Photography, Photo Decor and Modern Jewelry

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Fine Art Photography, Photo Decor and Modern Jewelry

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Nachricht vom Shop-Inhaber Hi everyone, I'm taking a little break from by shop. Happy winter!

Nachricht vom Shop-Inhaber

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Hi everyone, I'm taking a little break from by shop. Happy winter!

Rebeccah Dean

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Rebeccah Dean


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Ankie Severens

Ankie Severens am 15. Dez 2016

5 von 5 Sternen

Thanks again! Love the bizarreness. I'm very happy with these photo stones.

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lboop am 20. Nov 2016

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Such lovely photographs from a talented artist and a generous seller - thank you.

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Carolina am 26. Aug 2016

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Perfect-Very Happy Thank you so much Rebeccah!

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A Girl, A Camera, A Box of Old Photographs and a Handful of Wooden Beads...

In my work, I'm most interested in images with an in-built sense of mystery, those with a touch of the ethereal, a smidgen of loneliness, an occasional pinch of spooky. I've collected vintage photographs for over twenty years and love to use them in my pieces. Through time and distance, these people have become as unknown as the mask L'Inconnue de la Seine, one of my biggest inspirations.

Each of my photo decor pieces undergoes several days of preparation, from the initial gluing and drying to the cutting and sanding, to the varnishing and, with some pieces, the final gluing of hooks and ornaments.

Recently I have become inspired with surfaces and graffiti I often discover just right around the block from my apartment in Berlin. I find it wonderful to experiment with shapes, collage and cropping in my photo jewelry.

All of my hand-painted, wooden bead jewelry is modeled after a piece I made for myself. I love the statement they make everytime I wear them as well as the dash of color or neutral elegance. The leather adjustable necklaces are some of my absolute favorites, as the leather adds some extra color and softens over time to a supple suede.

A few more fun facts about me: I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but have lived in Berlin since 1999; I studied music and am a trained opera singer (dramatic mezzo-soprano) and still love to sing; I wear almost exclusively vintage clothing because I cherish clothes that were made at a time things were meant to last; although I don't have any pets right now, I love animals and have had cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, parakeets, rats, iguanas a snake and (last pets) two Senegal parrots; the reason I don't have any pets is because I'm mom to two little red headed girls who keep me busy enough!


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  • Rebeccah Dean von Schlieffen

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    For me, it all started as a love affair with light, frame and angle. I long for that little hint of mystery too often missing from everyday life.

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