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gerry am 03. Apr 2018

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Silver shows off beautifully the white stone. Size information was accurate and just what I wanted. Thank you

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dawnndarr113 am 29. Mär 2018

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Love these earrings. Perfect match to the pendant. Fast shipping too on both!

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dawnndarr113 am 29. Mär 2018

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Very nice pendant. Can't wait to get the ring to match so I'll have a complete set.

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ColleenKV am 28. Mär 2018

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The photo doesn’t do these lovely earrings justice! Charis was awesome to work with to place a special order for multiple pairs to give as gifts. She responded quickly and my order arrived within days along cute bags to gift wrap each set. She also included a thank you gift with the order - very pleasant surprise.

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Bringing the Beauty of Bolivia to You

My name is Charis. I'm a translator/interpreter by profession and also the owner and webmaster of, the world's largest English-language website about Bolivia for tourists and expatriates. More about me:

I'm always looking for new and unique ways to tell the world about Bolivia, and one of the things I love about this country is its incredible ability to preserve its cultural heritage through art, music, festivals and an amazing array of artisans. Bolivia is known worldwide for its weavers, painters and artisans. Unfortunately, Bolivia is still a developing country and its artists, musicians and artisans have a hard time making a living that is sufficient enough to support their families.

In 2011, I approached a woman who made and sold jewelry on a little table on a sidewalk in the tropical city of Santa Cruz in eastern Bolivia. I'd seen her there for years and sometimes purchased from her and we always had friendly chats. Her handiwork was always a cut above the rest, but she used the same materials that most other artisans use for tourists (leather, seeds, nuts, pottery, aluminum wire, twine, etc.). I was about to make a trip to the USA and wanted to take some jewelry as gifts, but I wanted something more high end which would, at the same time, allow people to see the beauty and quality of the handiwork of Bolivian artisans. So I asked her, "If I purchase gems and stones, and all the materials needed to make a higher quality of jewelry in a completely different style than you are accustomed to, and if I design some pieces myself, can you assemble them for me?" She took me up on my challenge and for the next few months she came to my house every Saturday and taught me to make jewelry while also assembling pieces I designed.

We loved our Saturday afternoons together, became fast friends and had a lot of fun! She was happy too because I paid her per piece at prices above what she normally made with her tourist jewelry. She was also learning new skills as we progressed because she had never worked with the types of designs I was creating or used the materials I was purchasing. Each time we finished a piece, she would look at it in awe, many times saying "Did I really make this?" or "I never knew I could create something so beautiful." She told me she felt so proud of herself, something she'd never felt before! She was also really happy because she was earning above average, and with five children under 10 years of age, it was making a big difference in her ability to feed and clothe them. I... on the other hand, discovered that I absolutely LOVE to design jewelry, but don't necessarily like to assemble the pieces. I'm too hyperactive! I get completely overstimulated by all the colors and textures and I just can't sit still long enough and don't have the patience needed to assemble jewelry... LOL.

That's when I decided this could be a way not only to show the world what Bolivian artisans are capable of, but also to give back to the community that I live in. If Viviana could increase her income five-fold, other women could do the same. And that's when I established Charisma Bolivia as a company, designed a logo, and put together a business plan. Visit this page on my website to see why I chose the name Charisma as my brand (and it's not just because it's derived from my name). There's a reason I only make one of each piece: like each of us, each piece of jewelry available for sale is matchless and unique.

I design each piece using locally available materials and Bolivian artisans put them together. They are not my employees. Each is an independent self-employed artisan. My goal is to eventually earn fair trade certification for our work. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you purchase Charisma handcrafted Bolivian jewelry, you are helping to greatly improve the living conditions of a Bolivian artisan's family. I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we love creating them for you.

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  • Charis Irena

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    I'm American but grew up overseas, mostly in South America. Here's my story:


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I personally designed each one of the jewelry pieces you'll see online. I love all things that are beautiful in a natural way and I'm fascinated with the colors and textures nature gifts to us. When you wear the jewelry I've designed, I want you to feel beautiful and worthy of admiration... not because you are wearing them, but because you believe in yourself. Each has been affectionately handcrafted and, like you, each is matchless and unique.

I design each piece using locally available materials and fairly employ Bolivian artisans to put them together. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you purchase Charisma handcrafted Bolivian jewelry, you are helping to improve the living conditions of a Bolivian family. I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we love creating them for you. Charis

Want the full story? Visit this page to see why I created Charisma Bolivia and how Bolivian artisans are earning a living by helping me make our jewelry:

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