The Hopeful Spoon | Jewelry for Awareness and Fun

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The Hopeful Spoon | Jewelry for Awareness and Fun

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cynger1955 am 16. Jun 2016

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Amazing blue hues in this lovely pendant! The triangular shape makes this different, but the subtle shading of colors is the real treasure in this agate! Will wear this piece a lot with its beachy look, as it's like a slice of summer sky or a cool lake on a chain!

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Lisa Maleno

Lisa Maleno am 10. Jun 2016

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These earrings are just what I was looking for. The extra item was such a sweet surprise. Thank you.😊

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katzzsmn98 am 28. Apr 2016

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This is beautifully mounted and the color goes with a lot of things (of course that is not important to me.....if I like it, I wear it!) Just a beautiful blue-I cannot stress that enough.

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Brand new gemstone and beaded necklaces up in the shop for the first time, including this one with fancy and imperial jasper framed by Tibetan silver accents and Czech glass beads in turquoise stardust finish.

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Spoonie Jewelry for Those Living with Chronic Illness and Beautiful Jewelry for the Free Spirit Under Wild Oregon Designs.

Hi, Jessi here! Selling my jewelry is a new adventure for me, but I’ve been making earrings since I could hold a pair of needlenose plyers. For my Spoonie Awareness Earrings, I am thrilled to be combining my passion for shedding light on the reality of chronic illness with my love of jewelry-making. If these earrings ignite a conversation with even one person about your experience living with mental or physical illnesses, that is thrilling, and it gives me and this business endeavor a purpose.

My process involves finding inspiration from nature, and also from my mix of lovely vintage and modern Czech glass beads and my ever-growing collection of semiprecious gemstone beads.
I happily do custom colors or orders, just contact me for details and together we will come up with a design you love!

Fortunately, unlike my other main artistic outlet, painting, I discovered that beading is a craft that I can do entirely from my bed if need be. That is a game-changer for me, as I am often too ill to sit up for long periods of time. Making jewelry now feeds my need to create, and hopefully will help to actually put food on the table, too.

The profits from each pair go to support my ongoing healthcare needs such as doctor visits and transportation, physical therapy, diagnostics and tests, monthly prescriptions, herbal supplements, vitamins, medical equipment and supplies, and anything else that may come up, such as the spine surgery I am facing down in the next few years. I loved working and miss it immensely, but my body is not up to work outside of the house or anything that requires regular hours and steady concentration. Trying to work even briefly results in pain and illness spiraling out of control, and is simply not an option at this point. Therefore, I am optimistic and hopeful that if I work as hard as my body will let me to create and showcase quality pieces, I will be able to gain some ground on my financial situation.

If you would be willing to share this page or any pair of earrings in my shop, that would be such a huge help!

The Hopeful Spoon will be updated frequently with new jewelry, mostly earrings, including both Wild Oregon pieces and Spoonie Awareness creations.

Thank you for purchasing, pinning, or sharing jewelry from this page, I very much appreciate your support!

If you are a fellow spoonie, I also write a blog about creatively living with chronic illness at findingoutfibro.wordpress.com, and frequently showcase my newest earring creations on my Instagram and Tumblr accounts, which are both under @FindingOutFibro if you would like to add me there as well.

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  • Jessi Chval

    Inhaber, Creator, Designer

    26 year old disabled artist and jewelry maker, living life to the fullest despite multiple chronic illnesses. Two things that I have learned while sick: 1. life keeps going no matter what. 2. living well requires balance and creativity.

  • MineralismCrystals

    Creator, Photographer, Marketer

    My other shop is MineralismCrystals.etsy.com, specializing in unique and gorgeous crystals for your home.


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