JB Crochet Creations (JBCC)

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JB Crochet Creations (JBCC)

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Jessica Barnes

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Jessica Barnes

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basedonatrustory1 am 01. Mai 2018

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Fit perfectly and excellent customer service

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kimbiscuit am 26. Dez 2016

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Thank you so VERY much!!! LOVE!!! :D

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Hello, I'm Jessica Barnes. I am an post-graduate professional in the NYC area and am a proud crochet addict!!
Crocheting is very relaxing in nature and releases stress.
I am 100% professional, and treat all clients with respect. I believe in meeting client needs and maintaining great business relationships.

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  • Bargeldtransfer
Rückgaben und Umtäusche
Ich akzeptiere Rückgaben
Kontaktiere mich innerhalb von: 14 Tagen nach der Lieferung
Sende Artikel zurück innerhalb von: 30 Tagen nach der Lieferung
Ich akzeptiere keine Umtäusche oder Stornierungen
Aber bitte kontaktiere mich, falls du irgendein Problem mit deiner Bestellung hast.
Für die folgenden Artikel ist kein Widerruf und kein Umtausch möglich
Aufgrund der Art dieser Produkte ist für folgende Produkte kein Widerruf möglich. Anderes gilt, wenn die Produkte bei der Lieferung defekt oder beschädigt waren.
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All JBCC items WITH THE EXCEPTION OF JEWELRY are eligible for refund within 30-days of the original sales transaction. Refund deadlines are attached to the printed copy of the Etsy Invoice included in the final package.
Because JBCC items are handmade on a standalone basis with unique stitches, yarn combinations, etc., there are no exchanges. Yarn combinations and inventory are calculated` based on item sales. Clients receive refund payments only.
In the event that a client finds another item in the collection ‘cool’, they would have to make a new purchase. One item will not be exchanged for another.
The returned item must be in its original form and clear of damages or alterations.

Refund Process:
All refunds to clients here on Etsy are processed with the same method the payment was received. So, if you paid via Etsy direct checkout, your refund will be processed here on Etsy. If you paid directly via PayPal, you will receive your refund via PayPal. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Even if an online client lives within walking distance of JBCC, they are still an online client, and therefore all transactions are processed online.

Steps for Refund:
-The client should make contact with me here via Etsy conversations and request a refund. I would then responds with a JBCC Client Refund Form, which includes both a certification on the client’s behalf that the item is in its original condition and full instructions on getting the item back to JBCC. The client is responsible for full postage of the item back to JBCC and it would be highly recommended that they do so with delivery confirmation. The USPS system is pretty reliable, but JBCC is not responsible for items lost in the mail.
-The item MUST be received by JBCC before any refund transaction begins. The sooner the item is received, the sooner the refund is completed. Such a stern policy is in place because of previous client experiences where a client requests a refund, JBCC in good faith immediately processes it, the client accepts the monetary refund either electronically into their account or via delivery confirmation on the USPS site, but the item is never received by JBCC. JBCC values its clients and want all client transactions to go as smoothly as possible.
-Upon receipt of the item, JBCC then responds with a confirmation email that the item has been received. Payment is processed within 24 hours of the receipt of the item.
-Etsy checkout OR Paypal (depending on how you paid) will then make immediate contact with the client to alert them of their available refund balance.
This website provides the general public with a way to buy and sell handmade and vintage items; following a tradition of an open craft fair; allowing the client to submit payment either through Etsy's direct checkout here on this site, or via PayPal. I WILL NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD/PAYMENT INFORMATION IN ANY OTHER FORMAT (i.e. email, mail, etc.) Going through either the Etsy direct checkout or PayPal are the only two options.

It is vital that once and online client has selected an item, that they pay with PayPal immediately or within three (3) calendar days at most. This is because when a client selects an item, it comes up as ‘sold’ and call pull the item from the store site; making it completely unavailable to other potential clients. If PayPal payment is not received within three (3) calendar days, the item will be relisted and the online client will receive a message through Etsy conversations as well as one to their personal email stating the that sale is now VOID.
Domestic packages are sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) with delivery confirmation to ensure that the item(s) reach clients in a safe and timely manner. The client receives a message here on Etsy and via email that the item is on its way; which will include the USPS tracking number. International packages are also sent via the same USPS system, but will instead include a customs tracking number.

I check the delivery confirmation in both cases via the VERY RELIABLE online USPS tracking system. And, if it is confirmed that the item(s) were delivered and/or JBCC receives the signed slip, then delivery has been confirmed-PERIOD. However, in the event that the mailed item(s) come back as ‘return to sender’, JBCC will contact the client immediately and request an alternate mailing address, stating that for this second (2nd) attempt at delivery, postage must now be paid through a $8/Domestic and $16/International penalty; reflected in an Etsy Custom invoice.
Weitere Richtlinien und FAQs
Extensions and compressions typically apply to hats, caps, and winter sets; in which a client may extend a current JBCC cap to loc size or reduce a loc cap to standard adult or child size. Most JBCC cap listings here on the Etsy site include this option; which can be selected under the “Size” Menu.

This policy applies to custom made items-or those that follow color swatch patterns and styles that are NOT currently in the JBCC collection. On the JBCC store site, jbcc1.etsy.com, there is a blue “Request Custom Order” button on the left panel. The Etsy Transaction then begins via Etsy Conversation and via email in which I would then send the client a JBCC yarn color swatch document. They would then respond with the colors of their choice. Note, that for custom made loc caps, it is a REQUIREMENT that the client clearly states the length of their locs or attaches a photo of their locs completely let down to make a proper custom cap assessment.
Upon receipt of the client's color choice(s), they would receive a QUOTE and expected completion date.

Clients have the option of purchasing a damage or loss warranty. This warranty states that if the item is lost or faces any form of natural damage (ripping, stains, and/or accidents with children art enthusiasm, etc.), the client may mail the damaged item back to JBCC and will receive a repaired or new ‘carbon copy’ of the original item with the same color and design pattern. The client will only be responsible for the postage of sending the damaged item(s) back to JBCC. For all warranty claims, the JBCC Warranty Claim Form must be filled out. The reconstruction of the damaged good(s) and postage back to the client are totally covered in the warranty. In the case of a client deciding that instead of receiving a carbon copy of the original item that they would like to receive another item, it will be treated as a new purchase. Warranty coverage charges depend upon the item purchased and the time period of the warranty. There is a limit of one (1) claim per item during the warranty time period.
•Online-clients here will have the ‘Warranty Offer’ form, stating the fees and options; enclosed in their final package. If the client expresses interest, they would also receive the ‘JBCC Online-Client Warranty Contract Form’ via email. This would be followed by a PayPal or Etsy Direct Checkout invoice.