Vector & PNG files for design & cut files EPS, SVG, DXF

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Vector & PNG files for design & cut files EPS, SVG, DXF

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We love to have good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

We are small team of designers, and we like to create something new out of things that we love. We always try to create graphics that is useful and easy to edit because we believe designers should always have control on what they design.


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Image License Policies: You CAN

Use our products personally or commercially to create finished products or printed stationery, handmade or printed cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, all sorts of printed party or stationery elements, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decoration etc.

e.g: You can make greeting cards using our graphics and sell the cards commercially.


Use our products commercially to create logo and / or any digital format if the clip art is part of the design of a CUSTOM PROJECT to EXCLUSIVE END USER and NOT as template that can be purchased by multiple end users.

e.g using our graphic to make logo for your client that owns a pet shop is okay. You can always use the same graphics to make another logo for another project for client, like a veterinarian.

**You also need to be sure your clients will not share / resell and only use the graphics for their own exclusive use for promotional, branding and marketing purpose.

You also CAN

Use our graphics commercially / personally as design elements in educational products, eBooks, and as elements in your blog.
however, ALL vector graphics MUST be flattened.

You are only PROHIBITED to

Sell / Share the graphics as digital cut files, embroidery files, print files, clip art files or as stock images or any digital downloads in any website or stock image market where the graphics can be downloaded / purchased by many users

e.g: you can't resell or share our graphics in any stock image websites.