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Sassy handmade cards & prints

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3 sisters...

...except, Linda is our mom. It's not weird. Don't make it weird.

Linda, Makenzie, and Cassidy are the faces behind Smitches and we have one thing in common: we think we're really funny. Whenever we get together, we usually end up in tears laughing and growing new abs, so we knew we wanted to create something that made others laugh too. We started writing down quotes each other had said or ones we had found that we thought were brilliant. Makenzie started designing and hand lettering these quotes, and began working on a printing method. It wasn't long before foil became the favorite as it was oh so shiny and extra, just like our personalities. The word "smitch" was a family pet name that can be used both affectionately and insultingly. It took all of 5 seconds to decide this would be the perfect name for our little biz. As a family we constantly tease and berate each other, but it is all out of love. We knew we couldn't be alone in this, and we are glad we weren't wrong!

All of our items are handmade and so a little piece of ourselves is put into each and every one. We couldn't be more grateful for every person that has supported and laughed with us! We are obsessed with you guys, for real.


  • Linda

    Inhaber, Nap Taker, Investor

    The 3rd sister, slash the mom.

  • Makenzie

    Inhaber, Designer, Ms. Bossy Pants

    The one that yells at the other two.

  • Cassidy

    Inhaber, Donut Eater, Assistent

    The peacekeeper. Enjoys dessert.

  • Madi

    Assistent, Maker, Backtalker


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