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USB Buttons for everything! -

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Dave Rogge


Dave Rogge

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Dave Rogge


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Kevie am 26. Mär 2018

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Excellent product and excellent service I really appreciate the vendor taking time to answer questions that I had very quickly and efficiently great experience thanks so much

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Melvin am 06. Mär 2018

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works perfect! as promise, good quality, many thanks

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JB am 06. Feb 2018

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Our big button arrived quickly and worked as expected. Using the glowing red button for an interactive game at our tradeshow booth added an element of fun, and it definitely piqued the curiosity of attendees.

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I needed a thing, so I made it.

Basically, I needed a Qlab remote for my job as an audio engineer, and the commercially available options either didn't have the features I wanted, or were too complicated for my needs. So I did some research, learned some programing and made my own. I decided that since this worked so well for me, I should try to sell it. So I made one and put it up here...

Then I needed a button for a DIY photobooth I was putting together for my wedding. Using the same skills I used to make the Qlab Remote, I made the Big Red Button. I decided to start selling those as well. I made a few different versions, and they've been mildly popular with other people who are making photobooths and also those who find other uses for them.

The DLR Scream box was actually an idea a friend of mine had, and I started working on it. Eventually I got a decent prototype together and put a video out online. It did pretty well on Reddit, so I made a couple more to sell.

I'm just a guy who makes things, and I like the fun of pushing a physical button to make something happen. Arcade buttons are my favorite, and I like to work with them as much as I can.


  • Dave Rogge

    Inhaber, Maker

    Dave is an Audio Engineer and Video Editor living in Buffalo, NY. He spends a lot of time thinking about things, and sometimes he makes some of the things he thinks up. He is married to a nice lady who makes good stuff at

  • Julie

    Versandhilfe, Assistent

    Julie helps make sure that your orders get to you when Dave is away. She's responsible for reprogramming buttons that need it, and packing and shipping orders. Julie is Dave's wife, and a pretty neat lady. She runs


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Hello! I'm happy to make custom orders or large quantity orders. Please send me a convo or custom order request describing exactly what you'd like in detail, and the time frame of your project. It's just me in my basement soldering away, so don't expect 50 buttons tomorrow, but I will certainly do my best to get you what you need. Most custom or large quantity orders take at least 3 weeks before shipping, because that's how long it takes to get all my parts ordered and shipped to me.

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Ordinarily, once you've ordered and received your button, it's yours. Let me know if there's a problem, and I'll work with you to solve it.

Any returns may be subject to restocking fees, especially for large quantity or custom orders.

Any packages that are returned to me as unclaimed or non-deliverable will be refunded the cost of the items on the order, but not the shipping charges. If the item was custom and you do not wish to purchase it again, there will be a restocking fee.
For custom orders, payment is required before the item is completed. I'm sorry, but I can't do volume discounts. However, for orders of ten or more buttons, standard shipping costs within the continental USA are on me.
Most items ship via USPS 2-day Priority mail within 3 days of payment. Most often orders ship out the next day.

I DO NOT OFFER EXPRESS SHIPPING. Your order will be shipped via USPS Priority mail. It will arrive in 2 or 3 days (if you are in the USA). That is the fastest service I can provide. Even if you ask for express shipping in the notes section of the order, your order will still be shipped via USPS Priority 2-3 day mail.

I will not ship using UPS, FedEx, DHL or whatever other company you like. I ship via USPS.

Please allow extra shipping time for orders with a custom keystroke. If your keystroke is not on the list, I may not have a code ready to load onto your button. I can make the code, but it takes a bit of extra time to get it done.

For orders of ten or more buttons, standard domestic shipping is on me. Send me a convo, though, and I'll make you a custom listing for large quantities.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: International orders are shipped via USPS Priority International, which takes 6-10 days, if everything goes smoothly. You are responsible for tracking your package through to your own country's postal website. If your package is held and you do not claim it, it will most likely be sent back to me, at which point I will refund the price of the item minus the shipping cost. You may not be notified of the package being held. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TRACK THE PACKAGE TO MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT GET RETURNED. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPORT TAXES IN YOUR COUNTRY. Also, please note that some countries take extra time to process packages containing electronics. I've sent packages to Brazil that have been received 6 weeks after I sent them. I only ship via USPS. It's the most reliable shipping company in the United States and also the least expensive for shipping internationally. I am not responsible for your purchase of items that your country will not allow to be imported. If you buy something from me and it isn't allowed in your country, you will not get a refund unless the item is returned to me in good condition. If the package is returned in good condition, I will refund the cost of the item only, not the shipping charge.

ATTENTION UK CUSTOMERS: The customs officials in your country WILL apply an import tax on your order and WILL hold your package in customs until YOU CONTACT THEM! If you do not contact them within 30 days they will return your package to me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRACK YOUR PACKAGE THROUGH TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY AT ROYALMAIL.COM using the tracking number provided to you in the email that etsy sent. Yes, you can use that tracking number on the royal mail website even though it was generated by USPS. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for the import tax, or the delay in shipping that your customs officials will cause.

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Can you program the buttons to do X?

The buttons are pre-programmed before shipping to the keystroke that you specify. They work just like a USB keyboard. If you can type a keystroke or key-combination or keyboard shortcut on your computer to do a certain task, I can assign your button to send that keystroke. Multiple keystrokes, such as CTRL+ALT+S, are possible. Also possible are strings of characters. For instance, I can program a button to type the word "start" and then press the ENTER key. Additionally, left or right mouse clicks are possible, as well as the media keys on Apple computers.

How do I take the button apart to install it?

Check out the video at the link below showing how to take apart the Big Red Button, LED arcade, and Arcade buttons.

I need my button tomorrow! Can you help me?

No. Please do not contact me about expedited shipping. My standard shipping methods are very fast for the price, and there isn't much I can do to get an item to you faster. If you order something on Monday, and need it on Friday, feel free to mention that in the order, and I'll do what I can to get your order out ASAP. But if you place an order on Monday and need it on Wednesday, you can't be upset with me when it arrives on Thursday. Plan ahead.

Do your buttons work with Windows or Mac or Linux or iOS or my toaster?

Yes. These buttons work with Windows, OSx, iOS, Linux, and nearly anything that has a USB port and will recognize a keyboard. They appear to a computer as a Generic USB HID. I've even connected them to ETC lighting consoles. No drivers are needed, no software is necessary.

Can I get a discount if I order a bunch of buttons?

Sorry, I don't do quantity discounts. The price for 1 is the same as the price for 100. However, for orders of 10 or more units, shipping is free to US addresses. If you'd like to place a large quantity order, email with your quantity, desired button style and color, desired keystroke, and shipping address.