Beautiful decorations for beautiful celebrations!

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Beautiful decorations for beautiful celebrations!

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Stacie Williams

Stacie Williams am 26. Okt 2017

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Diana Fraser

Diana Fraser am 18. Jul 2017

5 von 5 Sternen

So cute! Wish I knew how to post a picture right here. We hung this on a decorated arch for the rehearsal dinner. Looked great!

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Lazy Caterpillar Specializes in Quality Custom Handmade Celebration Decor!

The world needs more expressions of hope, patience, and love. We need to celebrate the seasons, holidays and Holy Days, the birthdays, new babies, rites of passage and unity. We need to mark our days, let others know they are something special, create our own personal statements of hope and love on our wedding or commitment day. A celebration is not just "a good time had by all", it is an extension of a deep desire to connect with others on a meaningful level.

We don't need a big box market and design department to tell us what speaks to us, or the latest trend to define for us our most special days and celebrations. We want something personal, creative, unique; something that says something about us. About the hope we have for the future, the joy we have in the now, the love we have for those close to our hearts. To that end Lazy Caterpillar makes beautiful and unique event decor that expresses your individuality and purpose.


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    I run on Coffee.


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Not at this time.

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10% off for active duty & reserve military, and full time police and fire, and their immediate family. I do not give away or donate products. Your Banner Day donates a portion of its profits to various worthy causes. I offer wholesale discounts to brick and mortar and established online venues. Please contact me for details with your business information and resale ID.