Our new data requirements in Open API v2 are here! For more information about the required fulfillment data, check out the Estimated Delivery Dates page.

API Documentation

Register Your App

Registering your app with Etsy gives you your API key and allows you to start working on your app. See our Merchandising and Seller Tools pages for an overview of the Etsy API.

When your app is created, it starts with Provisional Access to our production systems to use during development.

Provisional Access

Provisional Access includes the following:

  • Read access to any public, unauthenticated resources such as Shops and Treasuries.
  • Authenticated read/write access to data belonging to the member who created the application. This includes reading data like Receipts and Billing as well as creating, editing or deleting a shop's Listings. If necessary, access can be provided upon request for a small number of test users in addition to the member who owns the app.

Full Access

Full Access includes authenticated read/write access for unlimited Etsy members. If your application doesn't need these privileges, then you are welcome to use your app in provisional mode indefinitely.

If you do want full access for your application, first use your Provisional Access to get everything working and then take a look at our criteria for Full Access.

Create a New App

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